She Refuses to Watch His Child Even Though She’s Already Watching Their Child

Blending families is often a struggle. Kids from previous relationships deserve just as much love and care as kids from the current pairings, but sometimes conflict can arise regarding who takes responsibility for what. 

One woman came to a popular forum on Reddit to find out if she was wrong for refusing to watch her partner’s 8-year-old child from a previous relationship. 

She Demands a Babysitter

The Original Poster (OP) explained that she has a five-month-old baby with her partner and that he has an eight-year-old son from a previous relationship. 

The son lives with his mother in a different state full-time and only visits for a few weeks during summer. 

OP told her partner she would not take on childcare duties for his son while he was visiting and that he needed to hire a babysitter. 

Partner Enjoys the Nightlife

We would likely side-eye OP if she refused to care for the child while her partner worked, but that’s not the case. 

He won’t watch his kids because he’s too busy partying, and although she picks up the slack for her own child, she refuses to do it for him. 

“My partner loves the nightlife, he’s always out on the weekends, coming home the next day,” she explained. “He’s literally gone from one day to the next, so by default, I’m always here with our son doing absolutely everything.”

Fed up, OP laid down the law for her partner. “I told him he has another thing coming if he thinks I’m gonna do this for his other son too, all day, every day while he’s out having the time of his life.”

Partner Flips Out

A reasonable person would understand OP’s concerns, but a reasonable person wouldn’t go out all night every night with a newborn child in the first place. 

Op’s request caused an argument. “He says I’m wrong for wanting him to get a baby sitter,” she said. 

Ultimately, the partner didn’t care, saying, “he’s not gonna get a baby sitter cause I’m in the house anyway, and all he has to do is leave.”

Should OP Watch the Son?

A frustrated OP came to Reddit to find out if she was wrong for not babysitting his son, despite being home watching the 5-month-old. 

Reddit users flocked to her defense, highlighting how awful OP’s partner’s behavior is, not just for the 8-year-old son but for OP and her baby. 

“I think you should take your child and leave no matter what, personally,” said one user, using her partner’s own words against him. 

The idea that OP should leave was a common theme in the responses. 

“You’re not in a good or healthy relationship, and he’s not gonna do jack for the baby, so get out and live a life that is dedicated to you and your baby, not the party animal that expects you to do everything,” advised on Redditor. 

Another added, “You should 1000% leave him. What an absolute waste of space he is.”

Warn the Mom

Most Redditors had a heart. They felt for the poor 8-year-old who was sure to face neglect at the hands of their father. 

“What do you think the 8-year-olds Mum would have to say about this?” asked one. “Can you ring her with your concerns?”

“You should tell his other child’s mother exactly what he intends to be doing instead of spending time with his son and hopefully save his son the heart-ache that will come from spending the summer away from his friends and family, knowing he is nothing, even resembling a priority for his (expletive) Dad,” advised one user. 

Source: Reddit