She Scoffs When Her Boyfriend Demands Submission but Wonders How To Move Forward

People will say sexism no longer exists, but a brief glance at any interent forumn shows a different story. One woman was shocked at her boyfriend’s misogynistic demand that she submit to his authority and came to a popular online community seeking validation and advice on moving forward. 

Key To a Good Relationship

The Original Poster (OP) shared her boyfriend’s thoughts on a good relationship. He thinks they’d have an excellent relationship if she just stopped having opinions on things. 

He says we would have a good relationship if I would just listen to what he tells me to do without complaining or arguing back,” she said. 

No Grace for Him

Although we’d like to give both OP and her boyfriend grace due to their ages (he’s 22, and she’s 23), we can’t extend it to him. We hope she learns that she can do much, much better than this misogynist dirtbag, but we don’t have high hopes that he can change. He needs to do a lot of self-reflection about his attitudes toward women. 

OP admitted this was her first relationship, and he’s gaslighting her into believing all men are as horrible as he is. 

“He is my first relationship, and he tells me that this happy, equal partnership that I [want] doesn’t exist and basically that I’ve been brainwashed by books and movies,” she shared. 

Controlling Demands

Obviously, that line was a glaring red flag on its own, but it gets worse as OP shares the things he wants her to stop arguing about. 

OP isn’t allowed to go out without him. She can’t maintain any friendships with men, regardless of whether they were friends before the relationship. In addition, she’s expected to agree with him on political matters and act the way he wants her to towards friends that don’t share his beliefs. 

Boyfriend is Actually the Worst

It gets so much worse. 

OP’s boyfriend uses gaslighting and manipulation tactics to trick OP into believing he’s right about everything and that she’s insulting him if she claims he isn’t. 

“He says that if I think he’s a good decision maker that this must also apply when telling me what to do, and that by not doing what he tells me to do, I am insulting his intelligence and thinking he doesn’t want the best for me,” she explains. 

Girl, Run!

We’re not the only ones who think she needs to ditch this jerk. Reddit users flocked to her support, validating that his behavior is, in fact, abnormal and that she needs to end the relationship.

“Realize you could find a better partner by selecting one at random,” stated one, baffled that OP is even questioning this when it’s clearly an unhealthy relationship

“This type of behavior doesn’t get better, only worse,” stated another. “This is not normal. He’s testing you and slowly breaking you down.”

“He’s a controlling narcissist of epic proportions,” said a third, adding the best advice. “Get out now!!!!”

She Breaks Up For Now

On a positive note, OP shared that she took the trash out. She dumped him via text. 

Unfortunately, he demanded an in-person meet-up to change her mind, and she agreed. In the comments, she shared that she broke up with him before and got back together after his constant (and stalkerish) pestering. 

We anxiously await an update and hope OP stays strong.

Source: Reddit

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