Cat in, Cousin Out! Was She Wrong?

Pets are family. Many people love their animals like their own children. They bring us joy and comfort that non-pet owners can never understand. 

One woman came to Reddit wondering if she was wrong for choosing a beloved cat over her cousin. 

Close Cousin

The Original Poster (OP) said she’s very close with her cousin “Becky.” They were born within a few months of each other and were always a staple in each other’s lives. 

That’s why OP opened her home to Becky after a harsh break-up. Becky caught her then-fiance with another woman and had to move out. 

OP’s Beloved Cat

OP already had one roommate, a beloved cat, Gar, whom she rescued from a car engine. 

“Gar is my baby, and I adore him,” stated OP. 

Cat lovers everywhere get it. 

Becky and Gar have a Complicated Relationship

It took Gar a while to warm up to the intruder. Cats are territorial and despise change, so it took a few months, but eventually, he came around. 

OP noticed that Gar was acting a little strange, but the vet said it was likely anxiety from the new housemate. 

Becky’s Allergies

A few months after moving in, Becky started complaining about allergies. She said her eyes were itchy and asked OP to confine Gar to small spaces in the house. 

OP refused, saying that it was Gar’s house, too. She offered to buy Becky allergy meds to help ease the symptoms, but Becky said it didn’t help. 

OP did what she could to make things better for Becky. She started dusting more often, cleaning more, and doing everything she could to limit the dander in the house. 

Leaving for a Few Days

Due to a friend’s baby shower, OP had to go out of town for a few days. She planned to make a trip out of it, attending the shower and visiting a bit. 

Unfortunately, she had to cut the trip short, as mid-way through the shower, she received a random phone call from an animal shelter a few counties away from her home. 

They Had Her Cat

Gar’s microchip saved the day. The shelter explained that a woman had dropped the cat off, claiming she had found him. 

OP left the shower to retrieve Gar, then headed home to confront Becky. 

Yep, Becky Did It

Before realizing OP already had Gar, Becky approached her in a panicked state, claiming Gar ran off and she couldn’t find him. 

OP said that’s funny because the animal shelter called and said they had him. 

After realizing the jig was up, Becky admitted taking Gar to the shelter. 

Bye Becky

OP told Becky she had two days to pack her stuff and leave and that her mom would probably take her in. 

Que Waterworks

Of course, Becky couldn’t deal with the consequences of her actions. She began crying, begging, and spitting out many excuses for her atrocious behavior. 

OP wouldn’t budge and insisted Becky leave. 

She angrily grabbed her keys and headed to her mom’s, but now OP wonders if she was too harsh in kicking her cousin out, especially given the circumstances. 

The Cat Has Priority

Reddit agreed with OP. The cat was there first and should take priority. Becky knew about Gar before moving in, and OP was doing her a massive favor by letting her live there. 

Becky’s Actions Atrocious

Becky’s behavior in the situation sealed the deal. You don’t ever, under any circumstances, take someone’s beloved pet to an animal shelter behind their back. 

Becky stole Gar and pretended she lost him, which is actually illegal in some places. 

ITS CRIMINAL! I would have called the police immediately! Thank God the shelter called you,” said one user. 

Becky Loses House Priveleges

Many users advised OP to cut contact with Becky, never allowing her near the house again. Becky may blame Gar for the situation, and if she was willing to steal him once, there’s no telling what else she might do. 

We’re Glad Gar is Safe

Reddit feels for poor Gar. He didn’t do anything wrong, and he was kidnapped from his home and taken to a cat prison. We’re thankful OP got him microchipped and that the shelter called immediately. 

We’re so glad Gar is home safe, and Becky is out of his life for good. 

Source: Reddit

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