17 Absurd Beauty Trends We Can’t Believe People Find Attractive

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we refuse to believe anyone finds these strange beauty trends appealing. 

Too Much Jaw

Upset man with his arms crossed glaring into the camera.
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A natural jawline is fine, but some guys go overboard with their insta-editing, making them look cartoonish. 

Giant Eyebrows

Close up of a woman's face with her eye and eyebrow in view.
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A decade ago, everyone needed thin eyebrows, and now everyone’s throwing on giant, bushy, fake ones. Can’t we all agree to have natural eyebrows?

Tattooed Eyebrows

A woman getting her permanent eyebrow make up removed.
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Tattooed eyebrows are even worse than giant eyebrows. You’re kind of stuck with them when fads change. 

Puffy Lips

A woman has cream and plastic on her lips as she awaits a cosmetic procedure.
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People go so far as to inject filler into their lips to maintain that obnoxious, puffed-up look. We don’t understand it. 


A woman getting botox injections as she looks on, emotionless.
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The botox craze has thousands of rich women injecting stuff into their faces so they turn into emotionless goblins. 

Glow-in-the-Dark Teeth

Woman smiling in a dentists share with a dentist behind her, their hands are near her mouth.
Photo Credit: Dean Drobot via Shutterstock.com.

We get that whiter teeth are a sign of youth and health, but do they have to be radioactive?

Buccal Fat Removal

Before and after shots of a woman who underwent buccal fat removal surgery.
Photo Credit: Marina Demeshko via Shutterstock.com.

Women can’t win. When they’re young, they’re told their cheeks are too chubby, so they get the fat removed, but when they’re older, they need fillers to replace it. 

All the Muscle

Rear view of body builder lifting free weights over his head.
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Men think women love muscles, but when they’re so thick they can barely move, it’s not attractive anymore. 

Orange Tans

A man with a terrible fake tan looks at the mask he's holding in his hand.
Photo Credit: Anna Tryhub via Shutterstock.com.

The fake tan industry really has people believing that the weird orange hue that covers their entire body is attractive. 

Dark Liner, Light Lips

A woman applies a dark red lip liner around her lips.
Photo Credit: New Africa via Shutterstock.com.

People probably think a dark outline around lighter lips makes the lips stand out. It really just makes you look like a clown. 


A happy woman holding a piggy bank in one sign and giving the "okay" signal with the other.
Photo Credit: Krakenimages.com via Shutterstock.com.

Who decided glasses were ugly? It’s one thing to wear contacts if you prefer them, but let’s allow people to wear glasses again. 

Handlebar Mustaches

A hipster man twirling his handlebar mustache.
Photo Credit: El Nariz via Shutterstock.com.

Hipster guys love their twisty mustaches, but they make people look like cartoon villains. 


Plastic doll with blonde hair.
Photo Credit: Adam Azrejandro via Shutterstock.com.

So many people look fake nowadays. They all look the same with that weird veneer of plastic over them. It doesn’t even look human. 

Totally Airbrushed

Fashionable wealthy woman ewaring white coat and hat with gold jewelry.
Photo Credit: Victoria Chudinova via Shutterstock.com.

People online airbrush every flaw and imperfection away. Models in magazines don’t even have pores anymore. Are people attracted to this?


Woman shaving her legs.
Photo Credit: LightField Studios via Shutterstock.com.

It’s actually scary that so many men prefer the prepubescent look on women. 

Bushy Beards

A sad looking man with a big beard that looks unkempt.
Photo Credit: Adam Azrejandro via Shutterstock.com.

The lumberjack look doesn’t usually look good. When guys keep big beards but don’t take care of them, they look like scraggly bird’s nests on the face. 


A woman looks scared as she's stuck in a dark room with a bunch of men who look exactly the same.
Photo Credit: Master1305 via Shutterstock.com.

Everyone is trying so hard to get the “it” look that everyone looks the same. There’s no uniqueness anymore. People look better when they celebrate themselves. 

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