Change Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day by Adding these 14 Quick Activities to Your Routine

Sometimes, the simplest things make the most significant impact. These activities each take ten minutes or less each day but make massive impacts on your overall wellness. 

Dishes Before Bed

A woman's hands washes dishes at the kitchen sink.
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No one wants to wash the dishes, but taking care of the chore before bed is far easier. Doing the dishes in the evening will help you wake up to a fresh slate. 

Put it Away

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Why put something down when you can take ten extra seconds to put it where it belongs? Your home will feel far less cluttered if you make putting things away a habit. 

To-Do Lists

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Don’t just float through your day; be intentional about what you want to accomplish by making a to-do list. Nothing beats the satisfaction of crossing items off the list. 

Check the Calendar

person writing in their calendar planner
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Never let an appointment surprise you again. Check your calendar before bed to prepare yourself for the day ahead. 

Meeting Prep

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Stop winging it in meetings. Take five to ten minutes before each scheduled meeting to review notes and emails about the subject at hand. 

The Running List

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Rather than try to think of everything you need right before your shopping trip, keep a notepad on the kitchen counter and make a running list of all the things you need. You’re less likely to forget essential items when you write them on the list as soon as you realize you need them. 

Morning Water

water pouring into a glass
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After 8 hours of not drinking anything, our bodies need hydration. Drink a big glass of water when you wake up for a better start to your day. 

Take the Stairs

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Why take an elevator when you can take the stairs? In fact, why not go up and down them a few times for a little workout? Doing one or two extra flights of stairs only takes a few minutes. 


Smiling woman stretching on the floor in her living room.
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Stand up and stretch for a few minutes each day. Your body will feel better, and you’ll be less likely to injure yourself doing everyday tasks. 

Little Ways To Exercise

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Americans need more exercise. Find little ways to work out during the day. Do squats while brushing your teeth, try a midday plank for 15 seconds, or take a pushup break every hour. 


Woman meditating outside in the sunshine.
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Many people avoid meditation because they think you need thirty minutes, but even ten minutes a day can have an impact. Meditation reduces stress and helps you overcome your internal battles. 


Young entry-level worker learning from an older male colleague.
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You can learn something new with just ten minutes daily if you add it to your routine and stick with it. If there’s something you’ve been putting off learning because you think it will take too long, try doing it for just ten minutes and see how far you come in a month. 

Snuggle a Pet

Smiling woman holding a cat
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Step away from work and snuggle your favorite furry companion for five minutes. You’ll make their day and get a fun energy boost.


woman sitting in her bed writing in a journal
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Journaling has numerous mental health benefits. Take a few minutes each evening to write down all the good things that happened to you that day. You’ll go to bed feeling happier. 

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