From Eye Rolls to Epiphanies: Boomer Widsom Millennials Once Scoffed At That They Now Swear By

Young people think they know it all. They scoff at the words of wisdom relayed by their elders, thinking it will never happen to them. 

They’re wrong. 

Boomer Parents Were Right

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As millennials got older, they realized that much of the advice their boomer parents shared was spot on. A user on a popular internet forum asked the community to share the advice they laughed at when they were younger but now realize is totally accurate. 

Here are the best responses. 


Too Good To Be True

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The folly of youth gets wrapped up in emotion and excitement, not believing their elders when they say something sounds too good to be true. 

As we get older and wiser, we realize that when things sound too good to be true, they probably are. 

It Catches Up

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Young folks party hard all night, get two hours of sleep, and then head out to the wilderness for days of outdoor adventures. 

Older generations get tired just watching, but their warning that it will catch up goes unheeded. 

One day, those twentysomethings are in their forties with worn-out bodies, incapable of spending more than an hour outside. The harsh treatment caught up to them. 

The lesson: Take care of your health and body while you can. It’s the only one you have. 

Things that Sound Great To Kids

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Stubborn kids hate being told no. They don’t understand why they can’t keep that stray cat or get a pool and think when they grow up, they’ll have everything they want. 

Until they grow up and realize how much work pets and pools are. Only then do they understand why their parents always said “no.”

Dumb Teenagers

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Teenagers think they know everything but know very little. And what they do know is soaked in the hormonal soup of growing up, causing disproportional emotional reactions. 

It’s only when we leave our teenage years and interact with teenagers again that we realize how dumb, in general, that age group is. It’s not their fault; it’s a part of growing up. But they won’t understand while they’re in the thick of it. 

On What People Think

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Older adults constantly tell kids to stop worrying about what other people think. Unfortunately, they don’t learn the lesson until it’s too late, and most spend their formative years obsessed with appearances. 

Hire Someone

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We scoff at older generations telling us to hire a professional for something we can do ourselves. 

It turns out they’re right. Most home improvement tasks take technical skills we likely don’t have. Hiring someone in the first place is easier and cheaper than hiring someone later to fix your mistakes. 

No Such Thing as Free

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When we’re young, our cheerful outlook clouds how the world works. We believe people are generous and caring and ignore the warnings of our elders when they tell us there’s no such thing. 

They’re right, though. Most of the time, people only do something for you, expecting a favor in return. There’s no such thing as free; someone, somewhere, will pay, and it will likely be you down the road. 

Time Heals

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Amid an emotional upheaval, we think things will never get better. A breakup seems like the end of the world. 

As we age, we realize that’s not true. Time truly does have a way of healing wounds. 

You Can’t Always Eat that Way

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God, how we miss our twenty-year-old metabolism. Our elders always said it would eventually catch up with us, that we couldn’t eat that way forever, and we laughed in their faces. 

They got the last laugh. 

Material Waste

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Older folks know the value of a dollar. They try to tell their kids that money spent on flashy cars and clothes is money wasted, but young folks never listen. 

We realize how right they were when we reach middle age with no savings and depreciated assets. 

Time’s Relativity

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Famed scientist Albert Einstein first proposed the relativity of time in physics, but older generations were always aware of its peculiarity. 

They say, “The days are long, but the years are short,” warning us to savor every moment because it will be gone instantly. 

While in the thick of things, we don’t believe them until one day, we pause and realize seven years have flown by. 

Greener Pastures

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The adage “The grass is always greener on the other side” holds true. Boomer parents try to teach their kids to be happy with what they have, but people have a way of always looking at what they don’t have instead. 

In truth, the grass is greenest where you water it. Stop looking at everything you lack and start appreciating what you have. 

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