101 Fun Things to Draw When You’re Bored

There are many proven benefits to drawing, even for those who don’t consider themselves to be artists. Drawing or doodling can help with concentration and help you stay focused.  Drawing can also alleviate boredom and help you improve your artistic skills. Whether you are trying to pay attention in a board meeting or waiting for a bus, here are fun ideas of things to draw when you’re bored.

Fun Things to Draw When You’re Bored

Remember while reading this that drawing when you’re bored is different than drawing for artistry. It’s meant to be therapeutic rather than to enhance your skills as an artist. Even people who don’t like to draw or don’t feel that they are good at it can benefit from doodling when they are bored.

Although artists looking for drawing ideas to enhance their skills can also benefit from being silly sometimes and giving in to a little doodling, this list isn’t exactly meant to enhance anyone’s artistic ability. These are meant for fun and inspiration, and as a way to practice self-care and alleviate boredom. As such, the examples aren’t all going to be perfect specimens of art. Some may be downright silly!

That doesn’t mean artists can’t benefit. Practicing a skill is the absolute best way to get better. So, if you are an artist looking for more things to draw, don’t despair. This list can help you too!

Here are over 100 ideas of things to draw when you’re bored!

Doodling the Boredom Away

The first category of things to draw when you are bored is doodles. Doodles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are the first thing that people turn to when spacing out at a meeting.

 It may seem weird to see something as simple as a doodle on this list, but the point is to encourage doodling! Not everything needs to serve an artistic purpose, and doodling is valid as a way to stay awake in class, or a way to meditate via drawing.

Literal Doodles

Yes, literal doodles! Draw lines and squiggles across the page for fun and creative designs.

drawing doodles


It’s always fun to draw your name in different lettering styles! Here are some ABC’s draw in block letters, but you can try writing your name in cursive, blocks, or other fancy lettering to see how it looks. 

draw letters


Whether in a square, circle, or labyrinth, it’s always fun to move your pencil around and try to find a way out.

drawing a maze

Stained Glass Windows

Draw a box. Then draw random lines, both rounded and straight, within the box. You’ll end up with an amazing square with fun shapes inside. You can use colored pencils to shade in the different shapes, making a spectacular and creative image.

image of a stained glass window as an example of things to draw when bored

This image was made with Microsoft paint, so it’s the only one on the list that isn’t technically a drawing. However, if you have colored pencils, there’s nothing more relaxing than shading in the different shapes with different colors. 

Geometric shapes

Squares and circles are fun but expand upon that to create cubes and full boxes. Draw triangles, pyramids, and cylinders to mix it up a bit. Here’s a simple drawing of a three-dimensional box. 

Things to Draw from Television

Doodles can only take you so far. It’s fun to draw letters and shapes for a while, but sometimes we have too much time on our hands, and the doodles aren’t enough to alleviate boredom. Another great thing to draw when you’re looking to kill time is imagery from television, movies, and the media in general. Here are some ideas, mostly sourced from Pinterest, to get you started!


My favorite thing to draw when I was little was the Chicago Bulls Logo.  Most big brands and sports teams have logos that are fun to draw, and it’s a great way to alleviate boredom. Here’s a Pinterest tutorial on how to draw the Bull’s logo so you can relive my childhood with me!


Cartoon Characters

Try drawing Homer Simpson, Scooby-Doo, or SpongeBob. Your favorite cartoon characters are always great go-tos for things to draw when you’re bored. To get you started, here’s a quick guide on how to draw Bart Simpson. 



Manga and Anime have unique art styles with a diverse set of characters. Here’s how to draw a character from the popular anime My Hero Academia, which will give you a great baseline for anime character design. 



If the character is too simple for you, try drawing a full set from your favorite movie, show, or game. Draw the Simpson’s couch, the Central Perk Coffee Shop, Mario hitting a power-up block or the cantina at Mos Eisley. Here’s a drawing of Monica and Rachel’s apartment in Friends. 



Movie props are always a big hit. Try drawing the Starship Enterprise, the Ring of Power, or the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Here’s an easy example of how to draw a lightsaber from Star Wars. 

What is your favorite movie prop?



Many sports teams and brands have mascots that can be fun to draw. Draw Tony the Tiger, Mr. Peanut, or the Michelin Man! Here’s an example of how to draw Uncle Rich from the hit board game Monopoly. 


Look around your house at the products you use every day. Are there mascots and logos that could be fun to draw?

Easy Animals to Draw

Drawing animals is a go-to for many people when they are bored. You can go with an easy, cartoony animal, or try to make it more natural-looking. For those looking for more than just a doodle, learning how to draw these simple animals is a great first step.


Drawing a cat face is one of the best things to draw. Draw a circle with some triangle ears, two eyes, and a button nose connected to a W, then add some lines for whiskers.

drawing of a cat

More advanced artists may want to experiment with drawing the full body of a cat, either standing with the tail up in an “S” shape or lounging in one of the many fun ways that cats tend to lounge.


Lions are a little more fun to draw than normal cats because of their great manes! 

lion drawing


There are lots of different ways you can draw dogs. Here’s a goofy cartoon looking dog with a big head, huge eyes, and a tiny little body. 

drawing of a dog

Because of all the variations in dog breeds, there’s a lot you can do when drawing dogs. You can draw a floppy-eared puppy, a pointy-eared attack dog, or even draw a full-bodied pointer showing the way. Try drawing your favorite breed and see what you can come up with. 


Fish can be as easy or complicated as you make them. These fish were drawn using simple shapes and squiggles, and are easy for even beginners. 

basic fish drawing


Birds standing up are far easier to draw than birds in flight or birds in the nest. This cartoon character bird took only a few pen strokes to draw. 

drawing of a bird

There are also wide varieties of bird species. Try drawing a flamingo standing on one leg, or an eagle diving for his prey. 

Challenging Animals to Draw

If you really want to learn how to draw animals, trying these more exotic-looking creatures is a great option. These animals have interesting features and are sure to be fun to draw.


Natural frogs with their bulging eyes and fat bodies are tough to draw, but you can also try drawing anthropomorphic frogs like Kermit.

drawing of a frog that looks like kermit


There’s such so much diversity in the insect kingdom. Butterflies are gorgeous and fun to draw, while flies are ugly and boring. Ants and spiders can be drawn with simple doodles, while stick insects and dragonflies are complex and difficult to draw.

butterfly drawings


Llamas are a cross between a horse, a camel, and a giraffe. Some might find them easy to draw, but the odd proportions make them a bit of a challenge.

llama drawing


With their long hind legs and babies in pouches, kangaroos are a challenge to draw. This one is wearing boxing gloves!

kangaroo drawing


An elephant’s trunk is harder to draw than you would think!


More Animals

The animal kingdom is as diverse as it is majestic. There are thousands of different animals you can try drawing, and there are thousands of books available on Amazon.

Some of designed to help artists draw realistic animals, while others are simplistic and better for novices or cartooning.

Here are some of the resources available to teach you how to draw animals.


Mythical Creatures that are Fun to Draw

Mythical animals can be even more fun to draw than real animals. These creatures have bonus features, extra heads, and wings that will allow your imagination to soar. They are, however, far more difficult to draw, so most of these are sourced from Pinterest. 


Draw your favorite winged horse! Here’s a simple guide to drawing a cartoon Pegasus found on Pinterest. 



A centaur is a half horse, half man. The horse’s body might be easy to draw, but getting the human features of the upper body and face could be a challenge. 

However, drawing a stick figure centaur is a lot easier, and just as fun!

stick figure centaur drawing


A Satyr is a person with goat legs. They walk upright on two legs and are known for being mischievous, and one is also the star of one of the most famous paintings of all time. Here are drawing of satyrs in different positions to give you some drawing inspiration. 



Head of an eagle, body of a lion, drawing a griffin will really put your artistic chops to test. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to draw one. 



One of the easier mythical creatures to draw, the hydra is a simple snake with nine heads. This one only has three heads, but these are mythical creatures, so feel free to let your imagination soar. 

hydra drawing


Will you draw a scary Medieval dragon or a friendly Chinese dragon? This dragon is defending his horde of gold!

dragon drawing

Things to Draw from the Imagination

Some of the best sketches come from our imaginations. Use yours to let your fantasies come to life with these fun ideas.


Draw tentacle eyeballs on almost anything, and you’ve got yourself an alien. Drawing aliens gives you a chance to be creative and add appendages that earthly creatures don’t typically have.

alien drawing


If drawing shapes was fun, why not try putting those shapes together in interesting ways to create a robot? Use a box for the body, cylinders for the arms and legs, and a triangle for the head. If you want to get really creative, you can turn your robots into characters and make an entire scene out of them. 

picture of robots


Monsters are fun to draw because you can add teeth and claws for a fun effect. Similar to drawing aliens, you can let your imagination go wild to draw the things from nightmares.

If you’re a novice, you can start with an evil face and fangs. 

simple monster drawing

If you aren’t good at imagining things, you can try to draw classic monsters like mummies, vampires, and werewolves. 

The Floorplan for your Dream House

Design your dream home! Where would the master bedroom go? Would you install secret tunnels? Designing a killer floor plan is always a good time, and it’s not something you usually see on lists of things to draw. 


Your Own Cartoon Character

Once you master the art of cartooning by drawing iconic cartoons, let your creativity be your guide and design your own, original cartoon characters. Think about their hair, how they dress, and how you will shape their eyes. They can be either human, animal, or monster. The fun about making your own character is that it can be whatever you want it to be!

Here, we’ve created a cartoon chef with a tentacle for one hand. 

cartoon sketch chef

Drawing People

Drawing people is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of artistic skill to depict the nuanced expressions of humans. Learning to draw people is one of the first things that artists need to focus on.

However, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and if you aren’t an art student or professional artist, you can draw people just for fun, and don’t have to worry about getting things anatomically correct. Have fun with it, get up close, and use different perspectives to sketch people and figures.



I’ve seen portrait artists sketch amazing likenesses of real people’s faces. If you are looking to enhance your skill as an artist trying your hand at portraits is a great idea. Many artists use charcoal pencils to do this because this medium makes shading easier. Even with specialized tools, drawing faces is one of the most difficult skills to master.


However, if you aren’t trying to master the craft, try drawing silly two-dimensional faces instead. Draw spikey hair, cartoon-like eyes, or giant noses. Have fun experimenting with different facial expressions and facial features. Let your silliness win out over your need for perfection.

Stick Figures

Stick figures are fun to draw. Sure, you are never going to be a famous artist if you stick to stick figures, but when you’re drawing for your own enjoyment, that doesn’t matter. Create your own fun stick figure characters and don’t ever let anyone tell you they aren’t good enough.

drawing of stick people

People in General

Once you master (or get bored with!) faces and expressions, try drawing full human figures. Put them in jeans, shorts, and skirts. Give them accessories like hats, glasses, or handbags. Explore the different personalities of the people that you create with fun styles and accessories. 


Things to Draw from Nature

Nature is inspirational. There’s nothing better than taking your sketchbook or art journal out to the woods and drawing what you see. Here are some of the best things to draw from nature, for beginners and experienced artists alike!


The diversity you can find in trees is awe-inspiring. Draw a mighty oak or a weeping willow. Get festive by drawing a Christmas tree, or daydream about beach vacations with palm trees.

Here is a simple cartoon tree to let people lacking in artistic skills know that it’s okay to take the easiest route sometimes. 

drawing of a tree


Spindly cacti come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Draw a simple round cactus with spikes, or draw the quintessential cactus with its two arms.

cactus drawing


Mountains are easy to draw even for those not blessed with drawing skills (like me!). Draw an upside “V” and add a squiggly to represent snow. Connect a few and you’ve got yourself a mountain range!

We’ve added some V shapes in the sky to represent a flock of birds as well. This makes a mountain range one of the easiest scenes to draw. 

mountains drawing


Although flowers are typically a go-to for most doodlers, they are actually a lot harder to draw than you’d think. Getting the petals just right is a challenge, so rather than showcase all my failures, I’ve sourced a great guide on how to draw flowers from Pinterest. 



One of the more complicated natural features to draw is the waterfall. It’s not easy to get the texture right to ensure that the falls look like water, and the surrounding areas look like rocky cliffs, but if you’re up to the challenge, it’s a fun thing to draw.


Fun Structures to Draw

Man-made structures can be just as fun to draw as natural ones. Here are some of the best ones to draw!


A lighthouse is just fun. Try drawing it by itself, or as part of a scene with a rocky shore and sailboat! 


Houses and Cabins

Will you draw a house in the suburbs or a log cabin in the woods? This image is a sketch of a suburban home, but with imaginative round windows on the side. What unique features will your home have?

sketch of a house as an idea for things to draw


Draw a gothic cathedral-like Notre Dame, a rounded byzantine church, or the traditional church with a steeple that is common in many neighborhoods. 



Castles are fun to draw because they are so massive. Will you draw a medieval fortress or a Disney Castle? What creature will hold your castle up?

castle on turtle back drawing


Start with a simple canoe, then work your way up to drawing an impressive sale boat. Here’s a simple sketch of a boat to get you started. 

boat drawing


Cars, pickup trucks, and tractor-trailers are all fun things to draw. Start with the basic outline of a car, and add fun features later to make the car of the future!

car drawing

Household Items That are Fun to Draw

You might be surprised at how many items you have just lying around the house that would be perfect for your sketchbook. Although I’ve listed a few here, there are many options. Glance around you. What do you see? What nearby items would be fun to draw?


Draw a simple hammer, or test your skills by drawing a circular saw. Check the shed and garage for ideas on fun shapes you can try drawing.

hammer drawing


A vase with its pleasant curves is a wonderful prop for beginners. Spice it up by adding a flower to it!

vase sketch


Try drawing floor lamps, reading lamps, and even piano lamps. There’s more diversity in lamp drawing than you might realize. Here’s a simple lamp that you’d find on a nightstand, but if you look around your house, I’m sure you will find a ton of lighting inspiration. 

lamp drawing

Lamps are a unique option for more experienced artists as well. When you turn the light on, look at the way the light hits the objects around. How can you draw the light pattern to create a unique image? Where do the shadows from the lampshade fall? Learning how to see these light patterns will help you become a better artist. 


Do you have a television remote? A game controller? These common household items usually have a variety of different shapes on them, and make fun drawings. 

controller drawing

When you’re done drawing the controller, why not try your hand at drawing some of the other electronics you have? Sketch your television, radio, and even computer. These objects may seem simple, but they are a lot more fun to draw than you might think. 


Draw a coffee mug, and give it some flair by adding steam or a plate of cookies.

mug drawing

Draw from Science for Great Doodle Ideas

Science is a wonderful subject. It helps us learn about the world around us and the intricate workings of the universe. But it also helps us find new and inspiring things to draw the were unheard of a century ago. Here are some fun things you can try drawing with a scientific spin!


A simple, round planet like the Earth is boring, but try drawing Saturn with its gorgeous rings, or Jupiter with its iconic red spot and moons!

planet drawing

A Solar System

If you get tired of drawing a single planet, why not try putting them in orbit around the sun?



It’s weird how eerily similar an atom looks to a solar system. Draw the nucleus with circling electrons, and see how similar it is to that solar system you just drew.

Or, take the easy way out and draw a couple of interlocking circles with a clump in the middle to represent the nucleus. 

atom drawing

Single Cell Organism

Most complex cells have a variety of parts inside, which can be represented with simple squiggles and shapes. Will your cell move with cilia or with a flagellum?  I chose a flagellum (the little tail structure) for this one, but you could add the little hairs around yours to represent cilia. 

cell drawing

You can also try drawing a group of cells – add a cell wall if you want to get technical and draw plant cells! 

Scientific Equipment

There are so many moveable parts in microscopes, stethoscopes, telescopes, and other scientific equipment that they are always a pleasure to draw!

drawing of a microscope

Fun Foods to Draw

Food is fun to draw because you usually have some props available at home. Search your pantry and refrigerator for interesting shaped food items to draw, or go with some of the easy-to-draw pieces on this list.


Draw a single banana or draw them by the bunch.

sketch of banana bunch is a fun thing to draw



A single grape is not fun to draw, but a bunch of grapes can be exciting.

drawing of a grape bunch


Pineapple is such a fun fruit to draw because it has a lot of texture on its body and an interesting crown.

sketch of a pineapple

More Fun Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are fun to draw because they come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Dragon fruits have whispy fingers, broccoli has interesting, textured crowns, artichokes have stiff leaves, and there are tons of other fruits and vegetables that have intricate shapes which make for fun and challenging drawings. 


Take a stroll through your grocery store’s produce section for more inspiration!


Pizza is one of the easiest food items to draw. All you have to do is draw a circle and cut it into triangles with a few lines. Add little circles for pepperonis and you have an easy pizza! To make it more challenging, try drawing a single slice, or get creative with the toppings.

slice of pizza drawing


Draw a layer cake with a slice cut out, a pie, or fancy cupcakes. This fun cupcake has a candle on top. 

cupcake drawing

Drawing Still Lifes

A still-life is one of the first things that artists learn, whether it be a sketch or a painting. A still life is a pre-set scene that you draw from life. Although many artists start with a still life of a single piece of fruit, such as lemon, a still life is usually a composite of a few different items. Here are the most iconic still-life scenes that you can try drawing.

Fruit Bowl

A bowl with apples, oranges, grapes, and bananas has a wide variety of shapes and colors for your to experiment with.

still life fruit bowl sketch


Any meal would make a great still life, but there is something beautiful about breakfast foods and coffee.


Tea Set

A tea kettle with cute little teacups and saucers would make a fabulous addition to any sketchbook. Add a sugar bowl and creamer for a complete set!

tea set sketch


We talked about flowers and vases individually, but you can create a gorgeous still life by combining the two in a spectacular scene. You can also put a flower in a pot to create an inspiring work of art. 

flower pot drawing

Table setting

A table setting usually includes plates, cups, and silverware, but you can give it some flair by adding a fancy centerpiece and salt & pepper shakers. Here’s a sketch of a fancy table setting complete with chairs, a tablecloth, and candles!

sketch of a table setting

How Did I Create These Images?

Although some of the examples above were sourced from Pinterest, the majority were drawn right here at home!

I created these images with my Huion drawing tablet. Although not as fancy or recognizable as the Wacom drawing tablet, it clearly gets the job done. I then used the new Windows whiteboard program to draw with the gorgeous galaxy pen, which is what gave all my drawings a colorful effect.

Drawing a Scene Can Be More Fun Than Drawing an Item

Thus far, most of these fun things to draw have been specific items. However, those who are more experienced or who want an additional challenge should consider drawing a full scene. Here is a save-able graphic of scenes you can draw to get started. The text list is below for those who can’t access the graphic.

40 Scenes to Draw When You’re Bored

40 scenes to draw when you're bored infographic


A grocery store checkout line

A Baseball Game

Your broom closest

A man fixing a leak

A T-Rex Fighting a Triceratops

The view from the passenger seat of your car

An elderly couple on a park bench

A wrench set

The intersection nearest your home

A person from the 1950s using a pay phone

A woman playing guitar

A table and chairs

A bag of groceries

A row of houses

The bartender pouring drinks at a favorite bar

An underwater city

Dandelions in a field in varying degrees of seeding

Mt. Rushmore

Cats playing in a cat tree

Your bathroom

A Pirate captaining his ship

Robins in a nest

A covered bridge

A scene from your favorite book

A small round table with a round table cloth and a vase

A man with a pipe reading a magazine

The contents of your sock drawer

A recording studio

A family picnic

The perfect day

A lumberjack cutting down a tree with a chainsaw

A family of bunnies frolicking

A homestead

 A person walking in the rain with an umbrella

A baby chicken hatching from its egg

The food court at a shopping mall

A rack filled with clothing

A science lab

A mechanic’s shop

The princess trapped in her tower

More Drawing Resources

If you’re serious about drawing as a craft and as an art, you will need more than a list of drawing ideas. There are books, courses, and specific tools that will improve your artistic ability and get you on your way to making art for a profit.

Art Courses

Udemy is one of the best platforms for learning a new skill online. They have a wide variety of courses on drawing, from beginners’ courses on how to draw and measure shapes in space to advanced courses on perspective drawing or how to draw a human face.

Search Udemy’s selection of art classes today!

Another great option is New Master’s Academy. This is an online platform dedicated to learning art. With courses in drawing, painting, and art theory, it’s a great option for artists looking to polish their crafts. 

Art Books

There are thousands of art books available to help you learn how to draw nearly any subject. Put "how to draw" in the bookshop search widget below to browse thousands of books!

Drawing Supplies

If you are just doodling, a simple pen and paper will do. However, if you want to take drawing seriously, you should invest in a good art journal, a high-quality set of sketching pencils or art markers, and a good drawing pad or sketchbook.


If you want to take your art digital, you should get a drawing tablet like the Huion tablet we used!

Start Drawing!

Now that you have over 100 ideas of things to draw, what are you waiting for? Grab your sketchbook and start doodling!