Where Are All the Women? PC Mag’s 30-Year Celebration Issue Forgets Women Exist

PC Mag recently dropped their latest issue, celebrating their 30 years of covering all things gaming. 

The company proudly blasted the issue on X, the platform formally known as Twitter, but the crowds did not react as expected. 

Celebrating All the Influential Male Voice

The issue highlighted some of the top contributions to the PC gaming world over the years. 

But after a quick glance through the pages, one thing was glaringly obvious: Women weren’t included. 

Social media exploded into a fury as female gamers questioned the magazine’s choice to exclude so many gaming fans from its celebration. 


 Women across the platform commented on the oversight.

Here are some of the best responses. 


Men Saying It’s Fine

Of course, it wouldn’t be Social Media if men didn’t crawl out of the woodwork to bash women and attempt to explain why this is perfectly okay. 

Some just used the opportunity to make fun of women. 


Others attempted to justify the issue by claiming that there aren’t any influential women in gaming or that the magazine was only covering people who worked for them (though that falls flat when you realize that over 30 years, the magazine never hired influential women?)


So Much Misogyny in Responses 

The responses to the women (rightly) highlighting the issue were even worse than the responses to the original post. 


Lots of Male Support

The good news is a lot of men also noticed the glaring lack of women and expressed their outrage at the omission. 


Lots of Work To Do

All this shows that despite the great strides women have made in gaming, much more work still needs to be done. 

The misogyny isn’t hidden in the darkest corners of the internet. Women who simply want to enjoy a hobby face it every single day. It’s neverending. 

It doesn’t just come from a small subset of losers on the internet but from the biggest names and most well-respected publications. 

To showcase how bad it is, I’ll leave a final Tweet from a female streamer who dared say something about the disparity in gaming. It’s a photo she put together showing a number of the horrific responses she received from men for daring to be a woman in the space. 

Her experience highlights the daily uphill battle women face when trying to enjoy a video game.