The 10 Worst Video Games of All Time

Nothing beats unwinding with your favorite video game. With so many genres, there’s typically a style of game that everyone will enjoy, and most games have at least a niche audience. 

However, some games are so bad that they’re unplayable for even the most obsessive gamers. A thread in the R/Gaming sub of Reddit sought to uncover these awful games, asking users to dish on the worst video games they’ve ever played. 

You’ll probably want to avoid these if you’re looking for a new game!


Atari’s 1892 flop is often considered the worst video game of all time, and Reddit users agreed. The game was so bad that the company dumped unsold copies in a landfill, hoping they’d never see the light of day again. 

Commenters pointed out that the game was so horrible that it collapsed the entire gaming industry until Nintendo brought it back by releasing the original Nintendo Entertainment System. 

Superman 64

Reddit Users agreed that Superman 64 is also a terrible game.  The mechanics and gameplay were subpar even for its time, leaving most players awed at how horrible it was, especially for a big-name release. 

One person commented that E.T. and Superman 64 are the lowest bars for lousy video games, and no other games come close.

Ride to Hell Retribution

Ride to Hell Retribution’s problems began in development. The final product was a shadow of the original plan and poorly received. 

Some users refuse to call it a game, saying instead that it’s just a meme. 


The first-person shooter for X-Box 360 was commercially successful upon its release in 2011, but some Redditors expressed dismay at the gameplay. 

One user hated the game, while another said it could have been great if properly developed. Some liked the game, though, so to each their own. 

Tiger Electronics Handheld Games

Tiger Electronics created some of the first low-cost handheld games, and although all the cool kids had one, some Redditors claim they were awful even for their time. 

The slow frame rates and old-school graphics leave a lot to be desired, especially when looking back from a modern lens. 

Battlefield 2042

One Redditor lamented that Battlefield 2042 ruined the entire Battlefield franchise. Another agreed it was bad but would never consider it the worst game of all time

Others chimed in to say that the new updates significantly improved the gameplay. 

Big Rigs Over the Road Racing

The 2003 racing game allows players to race as a big rig semi-truck, but the fun concept was greatly overshadowed by poor execution. 

The game was mentioned on three separate occasions in the thread, with one user quipping that at least we can marvel at how bad it is. 


Knack is the worst game one user played, not because of bad mechanics, but because it’s so bland. The Redditor said it’s an entirely functional game that lacks any sort of charm. 

Others agreed that it wasn’t as stupendously bad as the worst games on this list, but it’s also super boring. 

Dawn of War III

Warhammer: Dawn of War III scored high marks from critics, but players weren’t impressed. One user said that players hated it so much the studio abandoned the project after just ten months. 

Another said the original Dawn of War game was fantastic. 

Walking Dead – Survival Instinct

Terminal Reality and Activision sought to cash in on the popular franchise, but the resulting game flopped. Plagued with poor graphics and broken mechanics, Walking Dead – Survival Instinct received awful reviews and dismay from players. 

One Redditor pointed out that it was short, too, saying they didn’t even have a chance to stop playing because they unexpectedly beat it. 

Some Bad Games Are Still Fun

A few of the bad video games on this list are still fun to play. If you want to experience an epic fail of a video game, go ahead and check out some of the top mentions. 

You should avoid E.T., Superman 64, and Big Rig Racing at all costs, though!

Source: Reddit

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