12 Obsolete Products Far Superior To Their Modern Equivalents

Technology advances are supposed to improve life, but sometimes, new tech is worse than what we already have. Here are 12 older products people refuse to replace with modern equivalents. 

Radio Knobs

Woman turning the dial on a car radio
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The rush to shift everything to a touchscreen forgot a crucial rule in driving: keep your eyes on the road. It’s far easier to navigate radio knobs by touch when you’re driving than it is to look away from the road to use a touch screen. 


hands typing on a laptop with the word important written across the screen
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Not every website needs an app. Many people prefer to use old-fashioned websites when shopping online. 

Gas Cans

Two plastic gas cans
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New fancy designs in gas cans are supposed to limit spills and reduce the release of noxious fumes, but they are much harder to use than their ancient counterparts. The difficulty sometimes causes more spills. 

Physical Books

A small stack of books on the table at a public library.
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Kindles will never match the smell and feel of an actual book in your hands. Though they’re great for taking an entire library with you on your travels, many prefer reading real books. 

Old Tools

Close up of an assortment of work tools on a bench.
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Older tools have a better feel than some of their newer counterparts. Old Craftsman tools were built to last, and modern equivalents feel cheap by comparison. 


Couple looking at a dishwasher
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Most modern appliances switched to digital and have fancy displays, luxury settings, and the ability to integrate into your smart home. We don’t need that; we want an appliance that works and lasts. 

Nintendo DS

hands holding a simple, generic handheld game that looks like an old gameboy
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The old-school Nintendo handheld has an impressive battery life and many games you can play – no subscription required!


person writing in their calendar planner
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Our phone calendars are great, but seeing dates and times written on paper and ink wins the day. We can hang paper calendars in our kitchen so everyone can see our weekly schedule at a glance. 

Can Opener

Up close view of a person using a can opener to open a can of food.
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The old metal can openers work much better than fancy electric can openers. The manual design means they can also be used when the power goes out. 

Manual Transmission

A smiling driver waving out his window.
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Though most people prefer driving with the ease of an automatic transmission, some purists claim the tighter control you get with a manual is far superior. 

Physical Media

small pile of cds.
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Streaming companies prefer customers to pay a subscription to access their media products. But you can cut the streaming cord if you have your own library of movies, CDs, and video games. 

Pen and Paper

woman's hands writing in a spiral notebook.
Photo Credit: Peshkova via Shutterstock.com.

All the journaling and note-keeping apps can’t compete with the rustic simplicity of pen and paper. 

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