Child Free, Single, and Loving It – Older Women Dismantle Lie that Marriage and Kids Lead to Happiness

Society loves to push women into cages that don’t benefit them. From birth, women are socialized to want children, become caretakers, and put everyone else’s needs above their own. Marriage is celebrated as the epitome of accomplishment for women, while single women get derided for daring to enjoy life on their own. 

The Truth from Real Women

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Older women who decided against children, marriage, or both are speaking up about their lives and whether they regret remaining single or child-free. 

A Different Time

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Remember that the women questioned here are in their fifties at the earliest, and many are older.  They entered adulthood in the 60s and 70s, just as women were winning rights to work outside the home and to control their own reproduction. 

Society limited women back then far more than it does now, and it was exceedingly difficult for women during this time to choose singledom and a child-free life. 

Many Did It, Though

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Despite the challenges, many did it. They scoffed at society’s notion of what a woman should do and paved the way for many of the choices younger women enjoy today (which are eroding before our eyes.)

Here’s what these women say about choosing their own path in life. 

No Regrets

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A common refrain against women who wish to remain child-free is that they’ll regret it in the future when they no longer have the choice. 

Most women said they have no regrets or wistful feelings about the “what ifs” of children. 

Lack for Nothing

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Many shared that not having children allowed them the financial security to do and have anything they wanted. One even has two craft rooms in her house. 

Time and Energy

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Childfree people have an overabundance of time and energy. They can pursue their dreams, head off to exotic locals at a moment’s notice, and spend their precious free time pursuing their passions. 

Someone To Take Care of You

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Many women mentioned the common refrain that you must have children to have someone to care for you. 

They also noted that having a child is no guarantee of that. Most of the elderly people wasting away in nursing homes do have kids that never visit. 

Caring for Parents

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A lot of the women saw things from the other side. As the only “women” in their families, they cared for ailing parents. 

The experience made them realize that having a child just so you have someone to care for you is selfish, and they decided not to do it. 

It Just Never Happened

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Some shared that they wanted kids, but it didn’t happen. They couldn’t find a decent partner or waited too long, and the ship sailed. 

However, even these women expressed gratitude for their current lives. One said she married a man with two grandkids and became the fun grandma without ever having to be a parent, and she loves it. 

Great Careers

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Women without children embarked on fantastic careers.  Although there’s still a motherhood penalty today, working mothers struggled immensely in the 70s and 80s. 

Childfree women were free to pursue their passions, and many enjoyed long, fulfilling careers. 

Fantastic Friendships

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Women scoff at the idea that singldom equals loneliness. Most women who decided against marriage and children cultivated fabulous friendships that met all their social needs. 

They live full active lives surrounded by friends and are far from lonely.

So Thankful

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Some women watched their sisters struggle through the burdens of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood and thanked their lucky stars it wasn’t them. 

Being Alone is Better

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Far too many people stay with partners they can’t stand for fear of being alone. However, many women said being alone is fantastic, and they’d never cohabitate with a partner unless he can immeasurably improve their lives. 

Many divorced women say the same: It’s far easier to be alone than live with someone who won’t help around the house. 

They’re Happy

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Most single childfree women in their fifties and beyond live happy lives of fulfillment. They have the money to do whatever they want and don’t have to worry about anyone else’s schedules. They live their lives on their own terms and wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Chose Your Own Path

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None of this is to say that having children is a bad choice. However, for so long, society has pushed it as the only choice, and we’re only recently discovering the broad range of options available. 

Women who want children should absolutely have them, but women who don’t want them can find an abundance of happiness elsewhere. 

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