Critical Skill Deficiency: The Vital Life Skills Most People Ignore

Life takes skill. From infancy, we’re taught how to navigate the world through schooling and real-life experience. Unfortunately, there are many vital life skills far too many people choose to ignore. 

Here are essential skills too many people lack. 

Financial Literacy

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Many schools don’t teach financial literacy, so many people never learn it. They don’t budget, spend impulsively, and ignore major financial milestones like retirement or buying a house

Finding Information

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All humanity’s knowledge from history is collected in encyclopedias and stored on the web, yet far too many people refuse to conduct a simple search to answer their query. The information is at our fingertips, yet we don’t even know how to look. 

Separating Fact from Opinion

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People spout opinions like hard truths, and far too many lack the critical thinking skills to tell the difference. 

A “feeling” about something doesn’t make it true.

Emotional Regulation

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Public freakouts wouldn’t be so common if people knew how to control their emotions. You can feel however you want about any situation, but please learn how to control yourself. 


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Far too many people think “compromise” means the other person has to do what they want. If you refuse to budge, you’re not compromising. Comprising means finding a solution that works for everyone. 


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Millions of people hop in their 2-ton killing machines and nonchalantly swerve through lanes, oblivious to the dangers of high-speed impacts and the notion that other drivers share the road. 

Effective Communication

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Communication is far more than talking. People often forget that active listening and empathy are crucial to effective communication and wonder why no one understands each other. 

Self Awareness

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The ability to examine yourself, see your faults, and work to fix them is sorely lacking in today’s society. Everyone thinks they’re perfect and blames everyone else for their own shortfalls. 


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Everyone should know how to tread water for a few minutes. Swimming is one of those life skills you rarely need, but you’ll be eternally grateful you cultivated in the rare case you do. 

Understanding Others

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Naive people everywhere constantly encounter manipulative jerks looking to take advantage. Learning to read people and understand their true intentions is worth cultivating, but only a few people do. They get used again and again and wonder what they did wrong. 


What is an empath? Two women show empathy in the workplace while a collegue watches.
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Empathy takes understanding others a step forward. When you seek to understand with empathy, you can truly relate to a person’s perspective. 

If we started teaching and valuing empathy at a young age, many of our societal ills would vanish. 


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Far too many people cannot stand up for themselves. Whether in relationships or at the doctor’s, self-advocacy is a vital life skill that will ensure your needs are met. 

Grace and Tact

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People don’t know how to tactfully share sensitive information or react to that information with grace. We insult people when they’re wrong, and they lash out in defense. Nobody wins. 

We’d all be better off if more people knew how to explain things tactfully and accept things gracefully.

Delivering Constructive Criticism

Delivering construcive criticism to a collegue
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To be a succcessful leader, you must learn to coach your employees. Constructive criticism is essential. 

Here’s How To Deliver Constructive Criticisim Your Employees Will Hear

How To Lead People

smiling Female executive with arms crossed standing in front of a group pf blurred out workers.
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Far too many seek leadership positions for the higher paycheck but have to idea how to lead a team. 

Here are 10 leadership skills you need to master.

Being True To Yourself

happy woman holding shopping bags
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To live a happy, healthy, life, you must be true to yourself. It can be hard to be ourselves when society wants to force us to be something we’re not. Here are 16 ways to be unapologetically you

Time Flies – Savor Every Moment

sand running through an hourglass to represent quotes about time.
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They often say time flies, and that’s true. We’re often so busy we don’t even notice the days and years slip away. 

Yes Time Flies – But Here’s How To Savor Every Moment

Improve Your Life

happy woman dressed in yellow celebrating her accomplishments on a yellow background
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If you’re not ready for the hard work, take smaller steps that will help you improve your life starting today. 

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