Life’s Not Fair: The Biggest Injustices We All Just Sit Back and Take

Life’s not fair, and no one ever said it was. However, society perpetuates the injustice, supporting policies that increase inequality rather than alleviate it. And the worst part is that everyone just shrugs their shoulders and takes it. 

Here are the most widely unfair things about living that most of us do nothing about. 

Fakeness Wins

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We’re told that hard work and dedication are keys to success, but that’s not true. The hard worker doesn’t get promoted, and the guy who sucks up to the boss and plasters on a phony smile all day does. 

Hard Work Doesn’t Cut It

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Most of us don’t actually accept the harsh truth that hard work doesn’t cut it. We still believe the lie that if we work hard, we’ll have a good life. 

It’s not true. Janitors, landscapers, and laborers work exceptionally hard yet rarely make enough to get by. It’s not hard work; it’s the type of work you do and who you know that leads to success. 

The US Healthcare System

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Everything about the US healthcare system is unfair, yet no one has the will to change it. US citizens pay more money for worse outcomes. People lose their homes and file bankruptcy over medical bills. Others perish because they can’t afford treatment. 

K-12 Education

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The United States is built on the idea of equal treatment, but one look at our education system shows it’s not true. 

Because school funding is based on income, schools in wealthy neighborhoods have more money and better outcomes than poorer neighborhoods. 

Higher Education

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Higher education is just as bad. The exorbitant price of college makes it a luxury only the rich can afford. Poor kids can’t afford to attend grad school and become doctors or lawyers. 

The outrageous cost of education fuels inequality, causing a more significant divide between the rich and the poor. 

Our Tax Dollars

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No one knows where our tax dollars truly go. Far too much money gets wasted on corporate welfare, donor handouts, and instruments of destruction. In a fair world, more money would return to help the country’s citizens. 

Labor Laws

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US labor laws tilt heavily in favor of employers. “At-will” employment, lack of regulations governing paid time off, and paltry minimum wage laws ensure corporations always have the upper hand. 

Wealth Inequality

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Some folks have more wealth than they could spend in ten lifetimes, while others remain unhoused. Our tax laws and compensation systems promote inequality rather than limit it. 

Civil Asset Forfieture

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The cops can take your stuff if they think you may have used it to commit a crime. However, the standards of proof are different regarding property. They can detain it indefinitely, and you lose your stuff if you don’t have the money to fight it.

The War on Drugs

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It’s common knowledge that Nixon started the war on drugs to target marginalized communities. It had nothing to do with crime or health. However, we continue to do the same thing today. 

Gender Roles

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We’re shoved into little boxes when we’re born and bombarded with messages about what we should do and be. Women are fed lies about caretaking, motherhood, and marriage as the key to a happy life, while men learn to bottle up emotions and their only value lies in their wallets. 

Gender roles hurt everyone. 

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