The Joke’s on You Boomer – Millennials are Proud they Ended These 14 Things

Boomers blame Millennials for society’s demise, saying they’ve destroyed entire industries. Millennials don’t mind and are sometimes happy for their part in the destruction. 

Here are 14 things Millennials are proud of ruining. 

Marriage Bad Jokes

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Millennials destroyed an entire brand of humor. People who actually like their spouses have no use for the dumb husband/nagging wife jokes. 

Hating Your Spouse

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Did Boomers make these jokes because they really hate their spouse? The idea of spending your life with someone you can’t stand baffles Millennials, who didn’t mind putting off marriage until they knew they were ready. 

Absentee Fatherhood

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Boomer fathers worked hard to provide for their families, then came home and expected the household to revolve around them. They didn’t lift a finger to help with domestic duties or childcare. Millennial fathers are actively engaging in fatherhood and sharing the household chores. 

Taboo Salary Talk

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Millennials refuse to let their corporate overlords make salary talks taboo. They want everything laid out on the table so everyone can make the choice that’s right for them. 


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Previous generations didn’t have the option not to have kids. Not only was it “just what you did,” but there were very few options for birth control. Millennials can choose if, when, and how many kids to have, and many have decided to opt out of parenthood. 

The Ironing Board

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What was the obsession with ironed clothes? Millennials don’t have time for that. The generation collectively decided ironing was out and couldn’t be happier with the choice. 

Workplace Loyalty

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Millennials won’t offer loyalty to companies who don’t return the favor. Millennials learned the game and look out for themselves first because that’s exactly what the corporations will do. 

Mental Health Stigmas

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Previous generations whispered about mental illness in hushed voices behind closed doors. Millennials are done hiding. They’re open about their mental health struggles and advocate for more awareness and better treatment. 

Living To Work

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Boomers and Gen Xers celebrate work above all else. Millennials realized work is just a means to an end. They’re doing everything they can to dismantle a work culture that only benefits the wealthy. 

Chain Restaurants

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Millennials killed Applebees, and they’ll do it again! Chain restaurants need to offer more than subpar food at inflated prices. If Millennials are going to spend the time and money to eat out, it better be worthwhile. 


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Millennials are destroying the diamond industry, and they love it. After the truth of the industry emerged, Millennials decided to spend their money on other gemstones instead. 


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Streaming destroyed the cable industry, but Millennials were the early adapters. We don’t want to go back. 

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