Soul-Sucking Interests That Become People’s Entire Personalities

Hobbies are essential to a happy life. However, sometimes people let their life revolve so entirely around a particular hobby or interest that it becomes their entire personality. Some things have a nasty way of sucking folks in and morphing them, so they almost become the thing. 

Stay away from these if you want a personality!

The Military

rack of military uniforms outside of a store.
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Soldiers must dedicate their entire lives to the military; that’s part of the contract they signed. Many of them make their service their entire personality, slapping stickers on everything and even wearing their uniforms to weddings. 

Military wives are on another level.  They somehow think their husband’s rank offers them special treatment in everyday life, and their entire life becomes a shrine to their husband’s service. 

Television Fandoms

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Everyone enjoys their favorite shows, but some have difficulty separating fiction from reality. They become so immersed in their favorite fictional characters’ lives that they can’t talk about anything else. 


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The movie Runaway Bride highlighted a significant relationship problem. Some folks don’t know who they are, so they enter into a relationship, and their entire personality morphs to match the other person. 

A relationship should be one aspect of your life, not your entire life. 

Being a Jerk

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Some people embrace their inner jerks and make their entire personality about being mean. When called out, they can scoff and say, “That’s just who I am.”

These people will eventually find themselves without friends. 


Female warrior drawn in the style of Japanese anime.
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Anime is an underrated art form, but some folks take their obsession with it too far. Some people think anime is a true reflection of Japanese culture, while others get lost in their favorite shows and can’t think about anything else. 

Zodiac Signs

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Astrology is a fun belief system, but some blame it for their personal failings. They’ll say they can’t help whatever toxic behavior because “I’m a Leo!” as if they have no agency to choose their behavior and will only date people with compatible signs. 


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Belief in astrology is like any other religion people can take too seriously. While we don’t begrudge anyone for believing what they will, especially in matters of faith, some folks take it too far. Your faith should guide your values; it shouldn’t be your entire personality. 


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Theater kids are always on. You can never tell whether they’re being genuine or performing some part. 

Indie Music

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Fans obsessed with Indie music are insufferable. They look down upon the masses who dare to enjoy popular music and wax poetic about how whatever “band of the week” is superior until, of course, that band hits it big. 


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Crossfit is a cross between a cult and a workout regime. People who get sucked into CrossFit become walking billboards for CrossFit. 


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The Offspring once sang, “It’s cool to hate,” and it seems the whole world took them literally. People make their hatred of others a core tenet of their personality. They find online spaces to bash those they hate and get sucked deeper into a pool of toxic degeneracy. 


The Disney Castle at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.
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Disney offered iconic movies and television shows but also created a weird cult of Disney on accident. Adults that love Disney let the whole world know it. Everything in their lives is Disney, from their wall decor to their outfits to their choice of music. 

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