Stubborn Man Refuses To Work and is Baffled that No One Wants to House Him

While it’s true that no one wants to work, it’s also true that most of us realize we have to work to survive in this world. 

We’ll accept lower-paying jobs and toxic environments because we need to pay our bills while scheming for ways to opt out of work altogether. 

However, some folks take not wanting to work too far and believe others should cater to their entitled attitudes. 

They Refuse to House Brother

One user came to Reddit to find out if they were wrong in refusing to allow their brother, Dave, to live with them. 

The Original Poster (OP) shared that Dave hasn’t worked since 2020 because he can’t find a job with a comparable salary. 

“His reasoning is he’s not taking a job at a lower pay because it will hurt… his salary negotiation process. So he’s not taking another job until he finds one that pays like his old job,” explained OP. 

Brother’s Life in Shambles

2020 was a long time ago. OP shared that his brother’s wife already left him over his refusal to work. He’s running out of savings, and his house is in foreclosure. 

Still, Dave refuses to get a job. 

He Turns To OP

Dave began eyeballing OP’s spare room, but OP refuses to house a freeloader. 

“Dave is not coming here to freeload, he has to have a job. I’d settle for any job. Even a part-time job, but Dave is still stubbornly [insisting] he’s not working for less than he’s worth,” shared OP. 

After Dave refused to budge on the job requirement, OP put their foot down. “fine, be homeless,” they said, leaving Dave outraged. 

Everyone Mad at OP

Dave rallied the rest of the family against OP, playing the victim. Now, everyone is telling OP they should let Dave live there. 

“Dave was extremely p*ssed off that I wouldn’t even consider taking him in until he finds this “job,” relayed OP, adding, “My family members are on me about how could I allow Dave to be homeless.”

But No One Else Offering To Help

Of course, it’s easy to tell OP to take the lazy freeloader. It offloads the problem to someone else. 

“I don’t see anyone else offering their spare rooms and couches to Dave,” snarked OP. 

Still, OP has a heart and came to Reddit wondering if they should suck it up and house their brother. Is making him homeless on principle too harsh?

Brother has an Attitude Problem

The community rushed to OP’s defense. They’re not wrong. Dave has a severe attitude problem. 

“He’s too proud to take just any job, but he’s not too proud to mooch off of you,” stated one user. 

“He’s making it worse for himself with that stupid attitude than any kind of hit to his salary negotiations,” said another. 

He Won’t Find a Job

Three years is a long time for a resume gap. Dave’s fooling himself if he thinks he’ll find a position making what he did before the layoff with such a massive break in employment.

“That gap in work history is also a huge red flag on his resume,” commented one user. 

It’s the Brother’s Choice

At the end of the day, Dave is choosing homelessness. 

“He isn’t homeless because his house burned down or his disability or whatever. He is homeless because he chooses to be,” one user pointed out. 

“I cannot believe the guy was willing to lose his wife and home rather than get a job that he may not like!” exclaimed another. 

Dave could easily get a job. He could follow OP’s rules and work part-time. He could have gotten a lower-paying job years ago, saving his house and marriage. 

He’s in the position he’s in due to his own poor choices, and rather than reflect and do better; he’s lashing out and blaming everyone around him so he doesn’t have to work. 

Deadbeat Dave

Hopefully, OP takes Reddit’s advice and sticks to their guns. Dave’s a deadbeat. We don’t even think it’s about salary at this point. We think he just wants to freeload. He feels entitled to housing and a high-paying job but won’t lift a finger to help his own situation. 

We’re the first ones to decry a toxic work culture, but protesting by forcing family members to pay your way isn’t the answer. 

Source: Reddit