That’s for Old People! Millennials Share the Things That Screamed “Boomer”

Every generation has its share of products and services designed by them, for them. It’s a right of passage to subject your children to your whims, but don’t expect them to like it. They’ll forever associate it with “old people.”

Here, millennials share the things that will forever be associated with their boomer parents and silent grandparents. 

Certain Car Brands

Two older women riding in a car, one is driving and the other has a map.
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Oldsmobile has the word “old” right in the name. But millennials also associate Buicks and Mercurys with retirees, despite Buick’s best efforts to change their image. 

And Land Boats

Line up of brightly colored vintage cars that only show the very front of the cars.
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It’s not just about the brand. A particular style of car screams, “I’m old.”  The sleek, modern design of a stylish sedan has nothing on the beloved landboats of the ’70s and ’80s. 

Thick, White Shoes

A pair of brand new plain white shoes in a box.
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Older folks care more about comfort than fashion. The ugly white shoes with thick soles must feel like walking on clouds. 

Danish Cookie Tins

Assorted sugar cookies in a tin.
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Why did all millennial grandparents have that blue tin for Danish cookies, and why did none of the tins have actual cookies inside?

Nightly News

journalism newsroom with a large screen reading "breaking live."
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The evening news caters to old folks who still get their news from television rather than the internet. 

Cup Holders

A woman placing her coffee in her car's cup holder.
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The silent generation was happy to have cars, but our Boomer parents insisted that those cars come fully equipped with cup holders. But why limit it to cars? Our couches, lawn furniture, and pool tubes also all need cup holders. 

Hard Candies

Assorted hard candies in a bowl.
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Every grandma has a handful of hard candies for visitors. Whether it be Whethers Originals, peppermints, or those nasty strawberry things, you can expect to find jars full of hard candy well past its prime at any older person’s home. 

Must See TV

Small yellow retro television on a green background.
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Old people’s sitcoms were a staple of network television in the 90s. Boomers settled down with Cheers, Fraiser, Mad About You, and Mash while their kids groaned. We’ll never admit that we watch them now. 

Plastic Coverings

A man resting on a couch covered in plastic from moving.
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We can understand why our grandmas and aunts had the plastic cover on the couch when we came over. Kids have a nasty habit of destroying stuff. 

But we don’t think they only put it on for young guests. That plastic lived on the couch. 

Game Shows

A game show host holds a microphone up to a contestant.
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Game shows like The Price is Right, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune attract an older crowd hoping to win big someday. 

Classic Rock

Musical notes and headphones on a green background
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Millennials cringed as their parents rocked out to Zeppelin and AC/DC on classic rock radio stations, but the cycle continues as those very stations now play Green Day and the Foo Fighters, which millennial parents subject their Gen A kids to with glee. 


people serving themselves at a buffet.
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Old folks love their buffets. Anytime we took our grandparents out to eat, it was always to the buffet. 

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