The Most Disturbing Unsolved Mysteries We Can’t Stop Thinking About

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? These unsolved occurrences will have you watching over your shoulder for days!

The Texas Killing Fields

A creepy stretch of road covered in fog.
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Far too many people mysteriously disappear on the Texas freeways between the state’s major cities, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. One area near Houston sees so many casualties it’s been dubbed “The Texas Killing Fields.” 

Dozens of victims were recovered in this patch, and although a few people were convicted for some of the crimes, many remain unsolved. 

The Hinterkaifecks

An old desolate wooden farmhouse stands abandoned in a field.
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In the early 1920s, someone slaughtered a whole family and used their home for days after the crime, yet no one knows who did it or why. 

The maid quit a few days before the horrifying incident, saying she was terrified of the scratches and sounds coming from the attack. 

The Isdal Woman

A man dressed like a spy leaves a large, dark warehouse through a brightly shining door.
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Burned beyond recognition, the official story claims the Isdal woman did it to herself. However, she had numerous fake IDs, and some reports claim she was seen photographing military bases before her demise. 

The Missing Women from Jaurez

Aerial view of Juarez, Mexico
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Hundreds of women were murdered in Juarez from 1993-2005. Mexican authorities did little to stop the slaughter; to this day, no one knows who was truly responsible. 

The Beaumont Children

waves breaking on a sandy beach on a gorgeous day.
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In 1966, three children left their homes for a pleasant day at the beach. They vanished without a trace. Some witnesses claim they saw the children on the beach with a man, but nothing was found. 

The Yuba County Five

The tops of Evergreen trees visiible in a cold, foggy forest.
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Five friends, each with a known mental health disorder, went to a basketball game one night. On the way home, they took a random turn into the wilderness. They left the car’s safety and headed out into the cold woods. 

Four of the five were eventually found dead, succumbing to hyperthermia and starvation, but the fifth was never found. 

Epstein’s Island

A tiny tropical island sits alone at sea.
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After Epstein’s fatal prison stay, the world lost hope that anyone would truly uncover all the atrocities committed on his private island. 

Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac wheel on a blue etheral background.
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The infamous killer who lurked California streets in the late 60s was never found, despite his constant mocking letters to the media. 

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

A commercial airline pilot and copilot operating a plane in the cockpot.
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The world held bated breath while international search teams combed the ocean depths for a missing jet airliner. 

Unfortunately, only a tiny bit of debris was ever found, and no one knows why or where the plane ultimately came down. 

Don Henry and Kevin Ives

A vintage steam locomotive running on track.
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The official story states that the two boys enjoyed some intoxicating substances and fell asleep on the railroad tracks, resulting in tragedy. 

However, later autopsies revealed more injuries inconsistent with the official story. Anyone who came forward as a witness met an unfortunate and untimely end. No one knows what really happened to the boys. 

Jack the Ripper

Man dressed as a 19th century English gentleman walks down a dark alley to represent Jack the Ripper.
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The most infamous serial killer in history remains a mystery. No one knows who Jack really was or why he stalked those women. 

Tylenol Murders

Woman taking a few capsules from a bottle of over the counter headache medicine.
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In the early 1980s, someone tampered with Tylenol, replacing the safe medication with cyanide.  Seven people took the poison before bottles were pulled from shelves, but an investigation never uncovered the culprit. 

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