These 90s Delights Will Remind You Why We Loved the Era So Much!

Want to feel old? The nineties ended over twenty years ago! Here are some of the things we miss the most about the iconic decade. 

Unpacking the CD Cover

small pile of cds.
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One of the most exciting parts of buying a new CD was tearing its insides and admiring them for hours.

“I remember when they came in those waaay overpackaged long cardboard sleeves, and I’d save the ones that had cool art and hang them on my wall,” says one Reddit user.

Uninterrupted Privacy

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Remember when you could leave the house, and no one could contact you? We’re so connected nowadays that we can’t even remember what being unavailable is like. 

Gifts in Cereal Boxes

Toy boaters floating in a cereal bowl.
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My mother must have been confused when I picked out my least favorite cereal at the grocery store, but I was willing to eat anything if a product advertised a free prize on the box.

“Some of my best memories are about video game CDs that came in cereal boxes,” muses a Reddit user nostalgically, adding, “Those were the days.”

No Cameras at Concerts

Person holding their cell phone up recording at a concert.
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There was a time you could watch a band perform on stage without the bright glow from someone’s cell phone in your face. 

“God, I just went to a concert, and the frontman made a video to play before asking to not film so that we can all enjoy and basically be a community,” rants one user (with good reason), “guess what happened as soon as they came on? Phones and cameras came out, some with literal cam sticks. I was actually angry.”

Early Instant Messaging

Computer with a bunch of emoji and messaging icons floating around it and the words "Instant Messaging" in front of the photo.
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Remember how thrilling it was when your junior high crush logged into their instant messenger?

One user reminisces and adds, “The excitement when a friend came on instant messenger, and you heard the door open.”

Weekend Movie Rentals

Small yellow retro television on a green background.
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Whether you preferred Hollywood Video or Blockbuster, we can all remember those family outings to select a new movie or video game that we could replay all weekend.

Our Youth

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A commenter nails it for all of us, lamenting, “Seriously, it’s too hard. Always in a rush to grow up. It’s like some sort of ****** up joke when you realise those were the best days.”

The Music Scene

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Not all of us loved 90’s music, but there is no denying the talent and passion that was born in that era. 

A Reddit user illustrates this for us: “lots of really, really good British alternative/trip-hop bands. Portishead, Massive Attack, My Bloody Valentine, Curve, Lush, Oasis, Pulp, Catherine Wheel, XTC, The Sundays, The The, and on and on.”

They remind us, “Grunge was good and gets a lot notoriety, but there was so much more to 90’s music.”

The Cost of Fast Food

Woman biting into a large cheeseburger.
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Everything was cheaper back then, but for us middle-classers, the cost of fast food was as memorable as the deals they blasted. 

“Five for $5 (regular or Beef & Cheddars) at Arby’s. $2.99 Subway footlongs,” recalls one user.

People We Loved

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As time passes, so do people. Many remember the 90s fondly because of the memories they hold of those who are no longer with us.

“My dad,” someone mentions, and several others relate when they add, “I miss him so much.”

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