Time Capsule of Shame: Discover the Embarrassing Trends That We Wish We Could Forget

We’ve all participated in goofy or fun trends throughout our years. However, there are some trends that most of us would much rather read about than ever participate in.

The Milk Gallon Crush

Gallons of milk on a refrigerated store shelf.
Photo Credit: The Toidi via Shutterstock.com.

Sometimes, we make mistakes at the grocery store, like accidentally knocking over a display or dropping a glass jar. While these awkward mistakes make most people cringe, some intentionally create these disasters. 

“A person would purposely dropping gallons of milk in a grocery store while making it look like an accident, leaving a huge mess for some poor supermarket employee to clean up,” describes an irritated Reddit user.

Illicit Taste Testing

woman sneaking a bit of a chocolate bar
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Many supermarkets use taste testing as a means of advertising a product. You might see a temporary display manned by an employee whose task is to hand out the treat to curious customers. Some people take their curiosity too far.

Ice cream is a common victim of a prank where people grab items off the shelves, open them up, and take a lick.

One user summarizes an infamous example. “The girl that was licking Blue Bell ice cream then putting [it] back ended up with jail time if I’m not mistaken.”

The Knockout Game

An upset man throwing a punch toward the camera.
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You think you’re safe walking around in the daytime, surrounded by other people, but you never know when you might become the target of a wicked prank, such as the Knockout Game.

“It was an old challenge where you film yourself assaulting randos. And this was before TikTok. I think the last major trend was between [the] late 00s and early 10s,” explains one Reddit user. 

Another user adds, “It basically involved a bunch of teenagers, and even adults, walking or running up to someone, usually on the streets, and hitting them as hard as they could in the face with a closed fist, hoping to knock them out.”

Fired Up… Literally

A man holding a burning guitar next to a little pond.
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“The fire challenge, where these kids were pouring acetone on themselves then lighting themselves on fire,” explains a user, “Apparently, it was supposed to be a short burning sensation, but as you’d expect, there were kids who got seriously injured from the burns, and a mom who recorded her son doing the challenge even got arrested after being reported to social services.”

This dangerous trend has serious consequences, including jail time, severe burn injuries, and even death.

Foot Binding

19th century Chinese shoes from the foot binding era on display at the International Shoe Musuem.
Photo Credit: Pat Moore via Shutterstock.com.

“Foot binding, that practice in China where they break and bind young girls’ feet to make them more feminine,” sums up a Reddit user.

Thankfully, this trend died out long ago, but that doesn’t mean we don’t cringe when we read about the gruesome details.

Fashionable Radiation Poisoning

Abstract flowy design of the international radition symbol in blue on a dark background.
Photo Credit: Allexxandar via Shutterstock.com.

In the early 1900’s, radium was all the rage. Not only did people believe it was safe, but the common sentiment was that radium was good for you!

“When people thought radium was good for you, there was a huge trend to put it in EVERYTHING,” comments a Redditor, “face creams. Water crocks. Toothpaste. Hair products. Makeup. Chocolate. Toys. Nightlights. Watches. Spas. Impotence treatments. SUPPOSITORIES.”

Now, we’re well aware of the dangers, but many people suffered the horrors of radiation poisoning because of this trend.

X-Ray Parties

A collection of xray images from various human body parts.
Photo Credit: Puwadol Jaturawutthichai via Shutterstock.com.

On the subject of radiation, I’m beginning to think that people in the early 1900’s were desperate for a large dose.

X-ray machines aren’t toys; each scan exposes the receiver to radiation. Licensed professionals handle these machines to avoid unnecessary injuries. 

“People would get together X-Ray themselves and each other exposing themselves to [a] huge amount of radiation,” laments a Reddit user. 

Medicinal Mummies

Mummified remains on display at the British Museum in London.
Photo Credit: Jaroslav Moravcik via Shutterstock.com.

We like to poke fun at some of the alternative remedies on the market today, but can you believe there was a time when people ate mummies for the supposed health benefits?

A history-buff Redditor breaks it down: “Europeans were dosing themselves with mumiya starting in the 12th century. The Victorians definitely kicked it up a few notches, though; instead of just eating mummies to cure what ailed them, they also made paint out of them and hosted parties to unwrap them.”

Saggy Pants

Two men walking down Freemont street in Old Las Vegas wearing saggy pants.
Photo Credit: Page Light Studios via Shutterstock.com.

I hate to admit it, but there are some cringe-worthy trends that I participated in. I remember being that junior high kid with ugly, sagging pants. It was a trend that did not gain me any popularity points. 

“Sure, sag your pants a few inches if you think you got steez,” teases one user, “but Jesus Christ, if your belt is below 100% of your butt crack, you’re an idiot.”

Gender Reveal Parties

Parents about to pop the balloon at their gender reveal party.
Photo Credit: Dean Drobot via Shutterstock.com.

You’d think something as innocent as a baby’s gender reveal would be safe and sweet. Unfortunately, a smoke bomb used at a 2020 gender reveal party caused a massive forest fire in southern California. The fire lasted longer than two months and covered more than 22,000 acres.

“The creator of gender reveal parties even agrees with you. The reason she and her husband even did one way back when was they had fertility issues and couldn’t carry long enough to even find out the genders of their kids,” tells one Redditor, adding, “She and her husband agree that things are out of hand and what had started as a joyous thing celebrating their family has quickly turned dangerous.”

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