Top Things We Are So Sick of Explaining To Others

People are dense. You can explain something to them repeatedly, and although they pretend to understand, their actions clearly showcase they don’t. 

We try to find new ways of telling them, breaking it down Crayola style, drawing pictures, and using charts, and they still don’t get it, leading to immense frustration for all. 

While scrolling through Reddit, I found a thread asking users to share the top things they were tired of explaining to other people. 

What Being Deaf Means

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A deaf user took the opportunity to say they are tired of explaining that being deaf literally means they can’t hear anything. 

I can’t hear you at all. All the shouting doesn’t help me to hear you,” they said. 

Apparently, people think “deaf” simply means “hard of hearing,” but that’s not the case. 

Your Computer Needs a Restart

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One Redditor who worked in tech support was exasperated by the number of people who refused to simply restart their computers. 

“I have gotten to the point where just asking my parents “have you tried turning it off and on again” gets an embarrassed smile while they quickly do that. 100% success rate in fixing the issue they have,” said one user. 

Many Redditors added that many Windows systems don’t automatically shut down when you hit “shut down.” They go into sleep mode instead. You need to change the settings or simply hit the “restart” button instead to get a complete reboot. 

I Enjoy My Own Company

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Introverts don’t need constant companionship, a simple fact extroverts just can’t seem to grasp. 

“ I’m not lonely or sad; I just like to spend time by myself,” stated one user. 

“I love my own company,” added another. “Not that I don’t like being around other people. I just don’t like a busy environment.”

Type 1 Vs. Type 2 Diabetes

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People who don’t struggle with chronic illness may struggle to understand the difference between the two very different types of diabetes, but folks managing their conditions get tired of explaining it to them. 

“No matter how many times you explain it, people think they are the same thing. I would’ve thought having a more famous person (Nick Jonas) with type 1 would help our case, but noooo,” lamented one user. 

Cancer Cures

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Many people are suspicious of the medical community but go too far when telling cancer patients that there’s a simple cure for cancer outside of proven medical science. 

One user battling cancer is sick of everyone telling them to change their diet to beat the disease. “Any type of diet, plants, or hocus pocus voodoo isn’t going to cure my cancer,” they stated. “It’s a chromosome switch, so unless they can switch my chromosomes back into the right places, it’s not happening!”

Redditors struggling with an array of illnesses, from heart failure to allergies, agreed, saying they’ve heard all about the “miracle cures” that don’t actually work and are sick of it. 

Correlation and Causation

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Far too many people struggle to understand the basic scientific concept that correlation doesn’t equal causation. 

An example is that ice cream sales and shark attacks both go up at the same time. This doesn’t mean that if people stopped buying ice cream, there would be fewer shark attacks. In this instance, there’s a third piece of data that actually causes both: summer temperatures. People tend to buy more ice cream when it’s hot, and they also tend to swim more, thus increasing the risk of shark attacks. 

Researchers sometimes find correlations, which lay people jump to assume are causations.

As one user explained, “Correlation is usually the first step in proving causation. The problem isn’t the assumption, it’s the failure to follow the rest of the process through,” they said. 

IT Doesn’t Mean “Everything Tech”

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Many IT workers get frustrated with explaining that they can’t do everything related to technology. 

“I am in IT,” stated one user. “That does not mean I can single-handedly make a game or large-scale software. At the same time, I also cannot hack the Pentagon or “release” encrypted files from another hacker.” They added that they also don’t know how to fix toasters or other household appliances. 

Another said they’re tired of explaining that their decent Photoshop skills won’t allow them to program an entire video game

Lack of Understanding Doesn’t Make It Fake

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Far too many people don’t believe stuff simply because they don’t understand it. One user is tired of explaining that things aren’t only real if you understand them. 

“Just because you don’t understand science, doesn’t make it not true,” they stated. 

“Even worst is when science is very clear about something, and yet people choose to ignore it and embrace “feelings” Our whole philosophy in the west has been to differentiate ourselves from our “primitive self” by embracing reason and logic and science , yet here we are in XXI cent (immersing) ourselves in feelings,” added another. 

Tax Brackets

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Some people fear working overtime because they believe going up to a new tax bracket will mean an overall net decrease in their paycheck. 

It doesn’t work like that. You only get taxed at the higher rate for income above the new tax bracket. The lowest tax bracket in 2023 is 0-$11,000. You get taxed at 10% for that income. So if you make $12,000, the first $11,000 is taxed at 10%, and only the final $1,000 is taxed at 12%. 

“I had to actually show someone how this worked so that they would stop freaking out about us possibly getting 20/hr at my job,” said one user. 

Mental Illness

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Far too many people dismiss mental illnesses, saying, “Oh, everyone experiences that.” Those folks have no idea what it’s like to struggle with a  medically diagnosed mental illness. 

One user mentioned they are constantly dismissed this way when discussing their bipolar disorder, and others chimed in to say they’ve experienced the same with depression, OCD, ADHD, and other mental health disorders. 

“Most people experience some symptoms of many mental health problems over their lifetimes,” said one user. “The difference is the extent and the effect on their lives. That person is either trying to make someone feel a little more accepted or is trying to downplay someone’s diagnosis for another, meaner reason. It’s an incorrect conclusion that doesn’t help the person with bipolar disorder,” they added. 

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