Baffling Reasons To Believe: The Silliest Arguments for God’s Existence

There’s nothing wrong with having faith and committing fully to your religious beliefs. However, non-believers get sick of the constant proselytizing, especially when the arguments presented for God are ridiculous to even believers. 

Valid Reasons for Belief

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We’re not saying there aren’t valid reasons for belief. There are. Faith, the unknowns, the nature of life and the universe, and all the philosophical debates about a creator make sense to even the most ferocious atheist. 

Of course, they’d rather have hard proof, but the whole point of faith is believing without evidence.

Ridiculous Reasons for Believing

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Unfortunately, many so-called religious advocates offer baffling arguments for the existence of God. 

Here are the most ridiculous things atheists hear about why they should believe in the Almighty. 

What Keeps You From Doing Bad Things?

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The one “proof” for the existence of God that scares atheists most is the belief that everyone would be evil without the threat of eternal punishment. 

There are a plethora of reasons atheists don’t commit atrocities, ranging from having empathy for their fellow man to simply not wanting to. We’re kind of terrified that you WOULD do bad things if you didn’t believe. 

Where Does the Snow Come From?

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It’s easy to attribute things you don’t understand to a higher power, but it’s baffling when someone asks a question scientists answered centuries ago. 

The Bible Says…

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People love to point to the Bible as an ultimate authority, but the words don’t hold the same power for non-believers. You can’t prove the Bible is true by using the Bible. You can only confirm that someone, at some point in history, wrote those words down. 

Saying it’s true because the Bible says is like saying Odessyus really battled a Cyclops because The Odyssey says he did. 

Why Are There Still Monkeys?

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The baffling rejection of evolution asks, “If humans evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?”

The question highlights an ignorance of what the theory of evolution states, but the easiest way to understand it is by asking a similar question:

If Americans came from Europeans, why are there still Australians? 

Pascal’s Wager

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Pascal’s Wager is often touted as the massive “Gotcha.” The wager says that a rational person should accept a belief in God and live by his laws because if God exists, he’ll be sorry he didn’t. Whereas if God doesn’t exist, it doesn’t matter. 

The wager is ripe with flaws. First – which God and which laws? Humans have worshipped hundreds of different Gods during our time here, all with different rules for living. 

The second half of his wager is just as flawed. It does matter if you dedicate your life to worshipping a deity who doesn’t exist. If this is the only life we have, we should enjoy it. 

So Many People Believe

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People point to the proliferation of believers as evidence that god exists, ignoring the cultural and historical reasons for it. 

It’s difficult to break free from religion when everyone in your family is a believer. And, of course, people will say they believe when they’re exiled, shunned, oppressed, and executed if they don’t. 

Science Can’t Explain

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Science doesn’t have an answer for everything, but its goal is to find those answers. A thousand years ago, science couldn’t explain the seasons, but that doesn’t mean “God did it.”

Saying “god did it” to explain the unexplainable is lazy. We’d rather look for genuine reasons, even if it takes years of research. 

Worthless Without God

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The saddest reason we’ve heard for belief in a deity is that we’re worthless without one. In some religions, parents brainwash their children into thinking they have no inherent value as humans and that their only value lies in the savior. 

These folks grow up with no self-esteem or inherent self-worth and are baffled by others who believe in their inner power. 

God’s Plan

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Atheists really hate it when believers tell them bad things happen due to “God’s plan.” God’s plan gives kids cancer and unleashes hurricanes on unsuspecting communities. 

Excusing tragedy and disaster as part of God’s plan makes us believe less, not more. 

You Have To

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Some religious people are so dumbfounded that anyone could be an atheist that their brain malfunctions. Rather than giving reasons, they claim, “but you have to believe,” because only they know the ultimate truth. 

Telling someone they have to believe does nothing to make them believe.

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