14 Cities Ideal for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are always looking for trendy cities with low living costs and many amenities. Here are 14 unicorn cities scattered across the globe that fit the bill!

Buenos Aires

The colorful building at Caminito street museum in La Boca, Buenos Aires.
Photo Credit: JHVEPhoto via Shutterstock.com.

Argentina’s capital city offers all the thrills of a big city at a fraction of the cost. Buenos Aires provides abundant cultural experiences, dining options, and nightlife that digital nomads can enjoy while paying bargain basement prices for housing. 


Scenic view of the countryside in Kerry County, Ireland.
Photo Credit: essevu via Shutterstock.com.

If you want to stay in Ireland’s capital, you’ll pay a pretty penny, but smaller towns like Kerry are still affordable. Ireland’s safety rating and picturesque scenery make it an idyllic base for wanderers. 


The Manila skyline from Manila bay in the Philippines
Photo Credit: Joseph Oropel via Shutterstock.com.

The Philippines has everything you want: a major metro area, great food, pristine beaches, and affordable rent. 


The Grand Palace at Bangkok, Thailand.
Photo Credit: Travel mania via Shutterstock.com.

The world is your oyster in Bangkok, primarily because of the cheaper cost of living. Digital nomads can get housing for as little as $500 per month. 


Aerial view of Saint Sava, the Orthodox church in Belgrade.
Photo Credit: AstroStar via Shutterstock.com.

Serbia is still recovering from the war in the 90s, but Belgrade is slowly becoming a top destination. The gritty city abounds with nightlife and culture, and since no one thinks of moving to Serbia, it’s still reasonably priced. 


Aerial view of Prague and the bridges from the water
Photo Credit: DaLiu via Shutterstock.com.

The gorgeous Czech Republic city features a lively culinary scene, fantastic nightlife, and affordable housing. Its central European location makes it the ideal home base for those wishing to explore the continent. 


Panoramic view of Medellin Columbia with the mountains in the back ground.
Photo Credit: Yuki Shu via Shutterstock.com.

A lot of people fear Columbia due to the drug war propaganda, but the mountain capital is one of the safest places in the country and offers luxury accommodations for low prices. 


Dusk view of the Budapest parliment building lit up in the night sky.
Photo Credit: Feel good studio via Shutterstock.com.

The Hungarian city is spectacularly clean and offers many cultural activities to explore. The low cost of living makes it a bargain for digital nomads. 


Portion of Chicago Skyline from lake Michigan featuring the Hancock building at sunset.
Photo Credit: Rudy Balasko via Shutterstock.com.

Chicago is the most affordable major city in America. You can still find apartments for less than $1000 a month in the South suburbs, and with the robust public transportation, you can easily commute into the city. 


The river by the Ribera market in Bilboa, Spain
Photo Credit: trabantos via Shutterstock.com.

Bilbao is more expensive than most cities on the list, but you can get a massive apartment for $1600 a month while enjoying the best of Spanish food and culture. 

Cluj Napoca

View of the small Romanian town cluj Napoca from the airfield where you can see the country hillside in the background.
Photo Credit: Dan Badiu via Shutterstock.com.

The Romanian tech hub has many amenities, but since it doesn’t see a lot of tourists, it’s still affordable. 


The Lisbon, Portugal skyline at sunset with the castle in the distance.
Photo Credit: TTstudio via Shutterstock.com.

Portugal is the most affordable country in Western Europe. You can rent a nice place for less than a thousand Euros a month while enjoying the gorgeous Mediterranean climate all year. 

Kansas City

Kansas city skyline on a cloudy day at sunset.
Photo Credit: Joy Brown via Shutterstock.com.

If you want to live in the US and don’t need to be in a major city, consider Kansas City. The Missouri town offers affordable rents, fantastic nightlife, and four distinct seasons. 


Aerial view of the cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Cuenca, Ecuador.
Photo Credit: Mark Pitt Images via Shutterstock.com.

Cuenca is one of the safest cities in Ecuador. The safety rating and affordable living make it one of the better options for digital nomads looking for a base camp in South America. 

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