Dangerous, Crowded, and Outdated: These Are the Countries No One Wants To Visit

Some locales sit proudly atop every traveler’s bucket list. These dream destinations see millions of travelers each year as everyone pines to explore the culture within their borders. 

Other countries aren’t so popular, and there are a few with such horrible destinations that tourists refuse to visit. 

Bottom of the Bucket List

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Countries with bad reputations sit near the bottom of people’s bucket lists. They can’t even pay us to step foot in these places. 


Port of Bossaso Somalia
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Somalia is one of the world’s most dangerous countries. Known for pirates, crime, violence, and corruption, most savvy travelers avoid its borders. 


A camel caravan in the desert in Chad.
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Chad has unstable leadership and the constant threat of terrorism. We’ll pass. 

Saudi Arabia

Riyadh skyline in Saudi Arabia..
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Many women refuse to set foot in a country that treats women like second-class citizens. 


View of Kabul Afghanistan with the mountains in the background.
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The war-torn country is famed for harboring the most dangerous terrorists in the world. It’s not safe for visitors or residents, especially women. 

United Arab Emirates

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Though the UAE is safer than the other countries on this list, many people refuse to visit based on principles. The vast wealth can’t hide their horrendous attitudes toward women and members of the LGBTQ community. 

The country also has notoriously awful working conditions for migrants. 

North Korea

Soldiers marching in PYONGYANG, North Korea.
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Why would you want to visit an authoritarian dystopia? They don’t particularly like visitors, and you can find yourself imprisoned for life or worse with one minor faux pas. 


Morning at the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de l’Assomption in Cap-Haitien, Haiti
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Haiti is a beautiful country plagued by poverty. Poverty breeds crime, and crime breeds violence, making the country unsafe for travelers. 


Woman in a red Sari at the Taj Mahal in India.
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India sits atop many travelers’ bucket lists, but others refuse to enter its borders. The country has some beautiful sites but is overcrowded and poverty-stricken. 

The political landscape in many areas of India promotes misogynistic views. 


St. Basils Cathedral in Moscow Russia's Red Square.
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Russia is a vast country boasting gorgeous landscapes and an impressive history, but its current political climate has travelers avoiding the country at all costs. 

Tourists don’t want to enter a warzone or give their hard-earned dollars to support a country that freely invades another. 


Woman holding an American Flag over her head.
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Reddit users outside the US have no interest in visiting the iconic country. Some think it’s just a larger version of their country, while others worry about the political atmosphere. 

One user described the US as “Full of uninformed, uneducated, and myopic people delusional in the belief they live in the best nation in the world.”

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