Instagrammable Aspen: 10 Places in Town Perfect for Your Insta Feed

The upscale ski resort town is known for majestic mountain views, fine dining, and luxury shopping. Here’s where to take great pictures for the ‘gram. 

Instagrammable Aspen

aerial view of Aspen light up in front of a mountain as the sun sets behind the mountain
Photo Credit: jdross75 via

Most visitors will limit their Instagram feeds to the fantastic mountain views in and around the city. Although a few of our shots will show off the tremendous beauty of the scenery, most will highlight the gems within the town. 

Although the city promotes an air of elegance and lacks the trendy murals and street art Instagrammers love, there are a few great local spots for unique camera shots. These places can all be found within Apen’s city limits – the list doesn’t include iconic sites outside Aspen, such as Maroon Bells.

The Bear Den

image of the Bear Den Bistro from the street
Photo Credit: Melanie Allen, Partners in Fire

This upscale bistro showcases its cozy atmosphere with a classic place setting and bear skin rugs outside. Stop inside for a quick respite on your journey. 

John Denver Sanctuary

lone lamp after the bridge in the John Denver Sanctuary
Photo Credit: Melanie Allen, Partners in Fire

Stroll through the calming park for numerous places to take photos of quaint bridges, trickling creeks, and the surrounding mountain scenery. Our favorite spot showcased a single lampost at the end of a covered bridge. 

St. Regis Square

st. Regis Hotel Aspen
Photo Credit: Melanie Allen, Partners in Fire

The luxury resort features stunning architecture perfect for any insta-feed. Head to the Monarch Street side to capture the pedestrian bridge and the gorgeous square in front of the pool. 

Atop Mount Aspen

View from the top of Mount Aspen
Photo Credit: Melanie Allen, Partners in Fire

You must pay for a lift ticket to see the stunning views from atop Mount Aspen, but it’s well worth the price. Gorgeous mountain views await from every direction. 

Aspen Emporium

Outside of the Aspen Emporium
Photo Credit: Melanie Allen, Partners in Fire

Have a quirky insta feed? You’ll want to head to Aspen Emporium for lively shots of the eclectic outdoor decor. Head inside to see what’s on consignment from local artisans!

Explore Booksellers

Comfy chairs inside Explore Booksellers, Aspen
Photo Credit: Melanie Allen, Partners in Fire

Those looking for a cozier Instagram aesthetic should head to Explore Booksellers, Aspen’s only bookstore. The inside features cozy chairs perfect for reading and a wide selection of new books for your browsing pleasure. 

Wyld Blue

outside decorations at Wyld Blue in Aspen
Photo Credit: Melanie Allen, Partners in Fire

The upscale clothing and accessory store offers a highly Instagrammable front stoop. Frame yourself in the flower vines decorating the handles, but remember to stop inside and see what they have to offer. 

The Big Wrap Alley

mural of a woman peering from behind a leaf, part of the mural in the alley behind big wrap in Aspen
Photo Credit: Melanie Allen, Partners in Fire

The alley behind the Big Wrap eatery offers some of the best murals in Aspen. If street art is your feed, you will want to take advantage of this impressive work. 

The Wheeler Stallard Museum

Decor inside the Wheeler Stallard Museum
Photo Credit: Melanie Allen, Partners in Fire

The residential area to the Northwest of the city center features a small house-turned-museum you won’t want to miss. The interior is decorated with late 19th-century furniture, and the house will even let you sit on the couches and chairs to get that perfect shot. 

Down the Ski Lift

View of Aspen from the ski lift to Aspen Mountain
Photo Credit: Melanie Allen, Partners in Fire

The best shot of Aspen is from above. Be sure to have your camera ready as you ride the gondola down the mountain to snap impressive images of the city below. 

Amazing Aspen

view of aspen in the daylight from above
Photo Credit: jdross75 via

Aspen has loads to discover outside the stunning mountain views. Explore the city to find your own epic and yet undiscovered Instagram spots!

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