Tourist Infested Traps To Avoid on Your Next Trip

Everyone wants a fantastic travel experience. Some companies do an excellent job of marketing cities and experiences, only for tourists to leave disappointed at the lackluster offering. 

Here are some of the worst travel experiences thousands of people get suckered into. 

Pop Up Museums

Display stand display at a pop up musuem.
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Many cities offer trendy pop-up museums on a variety of topics. Museums of ice cream, unicorns, fashion, and more pop up in cities across the country, drawing tourists with their quirky offerings. 

In reality, these museums only serve as backgrounds for Instagram posts. Disappointed travelers will meet hordes of people yearning for that perfect shot and a dull experience. 

Immersive Art Experiences

A blank canvas hanging at a gallery with lights shining on it.
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The Van Gogh Immersive art experience was marketed as the next level of art experience. In reality, it was a bunch of projections on a wall. Millions of people across the country were duped into spending hard-earned money on this “experience,” Now they made one for Monet and other famous artists, too. 

Avoid these “experiences” and see the real paintings at a museum. 

The Mona Lisa

Crowds in front of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre.
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Not all great artworks live up to the hype. The Louvre holds the most famous painting of all time, yet many people who travel to Paris to see it in its splendor wind up disappointed. 

It’s not the painting that fails, but the room. It’s packed with tourists crowding the small piece holding cameras above everyone’s head to get the perfect shot – which they all miss because there are so many people. 

The Louvre bursts with extraordinary works of art spanning centuries; tourists may be better off skipping the crowds at the Mona Lisa and exploring the rest of the work in the museum. 

Cruise Ship Ports

Tourist standing in front of a cruise ship, looking at the ship.
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Cruise ship ports in tropical islands cater to tourists with big money. The entire port town is filled with overpriced vendors and scam artists. You’ll have to leave the port for a real taste of any of these islands. 


One of Amsterdam's canals on a bright day with the buildings surrounding it.
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Amsterdam bursts with history and culture, but unfortunately, too many tourists treat it like a free-for-all party town. Unique shops were replaced with touristy waffle shops and ice cream parlors, while drunk tourists constantly wreaked havoc on the city. 

Hollywood Boulevard

The iconic Hollywood sign on a mountain.
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Los Angeles is a fantastic city, but far too many tourists think Hollywood Boulevard is the “must-see” spot. The street may have the Walk of Fame, but other than that, it’s dirty, crowded, and filled with weirdos dressed up as superheroes trying to trick tourists into paying them for photos. 

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The tower of Pisa leaning behind a church
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Millions of tourists take day trips from Florence to see the incredible Leaning Tower, and most find the experience lacking. 

You’ll find a field filled with other tourists trying to take the standard shot of someone holding the tower up. It’s boring and predictable. 

Yellowstone National Park

Grand prismatic spring at Yellowstone National Park.
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Yellowstone National Park showcases nature’s splendor, but it will feel more like Disneyland during peak season than a National Park. 

The problem isn’t Yellowstone, which bursts with natural beauty and gorgeous landscapes, but the crowds. You can’t feel at one with nature with so many people standing beside you. 

The Sistine Chapel

The Creation of Adam panel on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.
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The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is one of the greatest works in mankind’s history. Unfortunately, such amazing artistry attracts hoards of tourists, making it impossible for anyone to take the time to absorb the entire piece in its glory. 

Oxford Street 

Big Ben at dusk in London.
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Central London’s Oxford Street draws impressive crowds for its one-of-a-kind shopping, which doesn’t differ much from any other shopping area. It’s filled with overpriced stores and boring tourist shops. 

Plymouth Rock

The rock at Plymouth Rock.
Photo Credit: Michael Sean OLeary via

People flock to Plymouth Rock, thinking it will be a giant landmark like Pride Rock in The Lion King. It’s not. 

Although it’s still a great place to explore history, the monument is underwhelming. 

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle beach at sunset
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Myrtle Beach is a quintessential tourist town. It features a beach, overpriced shops, goofy cocktails, and a small amusement park. 

It’s great for what it is, but tourists who expect more wind up disappointed. 

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