Broken Promises: Millennials Share 10 Ways They Feel Lied To By Society

One of the biggest Millennial complaints about life is that they did everything they were “supposed to do” yet didn’t reap any promised benefits. 

Here, Millennials share examples of those promises that went undelivered. 

Job Security

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Many millennials saw their parents work for the same company their entire lives and then retire with a reasonable pension, ensuring their golden years could pass in bliss. 

That type of job security no longer exists for Millennials, who must hop from job to job. 

Good Jobs in General

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Millennials were told college degrees were their ticket to a great job and a better life. That didn’t work out for many, who found themselves stuck in the same low-paying job as their peers who didn’t go to college but with the added burden of massive student loan debt. 

A Relationship

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Our parents told us if we did things right, people would line up to date us. Our parents have to say that, but they had no idea how difficult dating would be in the modern era. 

Financial Stability

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Modern Millennials mostly crave the financial security they were promised as kids. Far too many live paycheck to paycheck and can barely afford necessities, much less a luxury now and again. They’re one paycheck away from financial ruin, constantly teetering on the brink. 

A Safety Net

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The Millennial generation constantly laments the Boomer generation for “pulling the ladder up behind them.” They thought they’d have some breathing room in the form of unemployment, welfare, food stamps, or other services should something happen to them, but realized they’re all on their own. 


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The rampant inflation of the last few years, especially in housing, made it nearly impossible for Millennials to own a home of their own. They feel like they were told they could have all the trappings of a comfortable middle-class life, but an essential component is out of reach for many of them. 

Following Their Dreams

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Millennial parents told their kids they could be anything they wanted. Maybe the parents even believed it, but the harsh reality is most dreams don’t pay a living wage. Millennials can’t afford to follow their dreams. 


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Those who did have kids feel like their parents lied to them about helping. Boomer parents constantly beg for grandchildren, yet when Millennials give in and have kids, the grandparents are nowhere to be found, leaving Millennial parents to fork over thousands of dollars for childcare. 

A Family

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Millennials are increasingly putting off parenthood, not because they don’t want it, but because they can’t afford it. 

People Can’t Afford Kids

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Even people who want children can’t afford to have them. When basic biology gets put off, you know society is on the decline. Here’s the truth about why young folks aren’t having kids: they can’t afford it. 


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They say it takes a village, but Millennials quickly learned they didn’t have one. Advances in technology make us more connected yet lonelier than ever. Millennials have few friends outside work and hide themselves away from anything resembling community. 

The Payoff

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Millennials were raised to believe if they worked hard, they’d reap massive rewards. Well, they’re still busting their butts working, and the payoff never comes. It seems to get further and further away the harder they work. 

Hard Work Doesn’t Pay

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Maybe hard work used to pay off, but it doesn’t anymore. Here’s why people no longer think it pays to try harder