Boomer Parents Failed Their Kids Who Are Woefully Unprepared for Adulthood

The Boomer parenting trend to coddle your kids and kick them out of the house at 18, expecting them to thrive, backfired spectacularly with a generation of young people unable to adult.

One younger user came to Reddit venting about their lack of preparation for the turmoil of adulthood, wondering why no one prepared them.

Boomer Parents Coddled Kids

It starts with the parents. Boomer (and Gen X) parents flipped out when their precious Johhny didn’t receive a prize for placing last in the science fair. These constant tantrums resulted in the “everyone gets a trophy” culture Boomers love to chastise, refusing to acknowledge they’re the ones who implemented it. 

Millennial children weren’t handing themselves trophies. 

It goes far further than trophies, though. 

Millennials and Gen Z Didn’t Learn Life Skills

Millennials and Gen Z’s parents sought to “protect” them from all the harsh realities of life. They attacked teachers for awarding failing grades instead of ensuring their kids stepped up in school. They did their laundry, cooked their meals, cleaned their rooms, and did all their chores, praising them for contributing the bare minimum to the household (and often only expecting them to clean up after themselves if they got paid.)

Boomer parents thrust screens in front of their kids’ faces so they didn’t have to deal with them and refused to let them wander the neighborhood to make their own friends and learn a modicum of independence. 

Voting Against Kids Interests

But that’s not all. 

At the same time, older generations continuously voted for politicians and parties that limited their kids’ opportunities. 

No affordable education, horrific housing policies, rampant inflation, lack of bodily autonomy, and massive wealth disparity result from the Boomer’s voting records. Their kids can’t afford life. 

Kicked Out and Failing

Despite Boomer’s best efforts to indulge their children and limit their financial futures, they still had the outrageous expectation that they’d move out of the house and magically become functional adults the second they hit 18. 

Then they wonder why their kids can’t form healthy relationships, struggle to find good jobs and seek mental health care at record rates. 

They Blame the Kids

Of course, they can’t blame their horrible parenting skills or voting record, so it must be the child’s fault they’re unsuccessful. 

If only their lazy kid (who they never bothered to instill a work ethic in in the first place) worked harder, they’d be successful. 

They don’t realize hard work no longer brings success and refuse to admit they’re the ones who created the backward world we live in. 

Not All the Parent’s Fault

We love to blame Boomers for all society’s ills, but it’s not their fault. They were filled with lead as children and brainwashed to fear any social changes as adults. 

It’s all by design. The powers that be want to keep us fighting amongst ourselves, whether based on race, sex, gender, orientation, or generation. Our infighting keeps them in power. 

When we can stop blaming each other for all society’s woes and point the collective finger where it truly belongs (at the corporate ownership class), we can win and make society work for everyone again. 

Source: Reddit