Boomers Ruined Marriage but Blame Everyone Else

A common Boomer refrain is that someone (not them, of course) is ruining or threatening the sanctity of marriage. 

Who Ruined Marriage?

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This “someone” is usually the LGBTQ community, who fought hard to enjoy the same marital protections everyone else gets. Still, Millennials and younger generations sometimes find themselves on the other side of a Boomer’s accusatory finger. 

Boomers Ruined Marriage

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The generation refuses even an ounce of introspection. If they had the capacity for self-reflection, they’d realize they’re the ones who ruined marriage. 

All The Horrific Jokes

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It starts with “Boomer Humor,” which encompasses every variety of the “I hate my spouse” joke. Boomers HATED married life and shared their hatred for their spouse with anyone who would listen. 


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Boomers, on their 4th/5th marriage, will loudly proclaim that LGBTQ people are ruining marriage. Sure, someone who wants to get and stay married is destroying the institution, not someone who divorces over every little thing

Divorce Should Be Legal!

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Don’t get me wrong. Divorce should absolutely be legal. No one should be forced to stay in a relationship, ever. But don’t scream about the “sanctity of marriage” if you’ve ever been divorced. It’s hypocritical. 

Being Awful People

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Maybe conservative Boomers wouldn’t have four divorces under their belts if they weren’t awful. There’s a lot of overlap between people who fight tooth and nail against LGBQ unions and people who treat their spouse like a live-in slave.

No wonder so many older women are leaving their useless Boomer husbands. 

Millennials Learned the Lesson

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Boomers will deride younger generations for refusing matrimony but never stop to think about what they taught their kids. 

Their own marriage was horribly abusive, yet they are shocked their kids don’t want the same thing. 

Destroying the Economy

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Not only that, but Boomers enjoyed the greatest economic boom in history and then kicked the ladder out from under them. 

Even millennials who want to get married can’t afford it. They can barely afford to live on their own. 

Marriage is a Legal Contract

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Conservative Boomers still see marriage as some holy ceremony (though they don’t treat it that way) and refuse to acknowledge that it’s more of a legal contract between two parties. 

Sure, you can get married in your church, but the government won’t accept it until you file for your license. 

Contracts Can End

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The thing about legal contracts is that you can decide to end a contract if it no longer works for you. Forcing people to stay trapped in a contract they don’t want to be in has a name – and it’s not marriage. 

Let People Do Them

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Boomers have a nasty habit of getting into everyone else’s business. They want to decide who can get married and who can get divorced, but they don’t want those laws to apply to them. 

 Society needs to end this weird control over people’s lives. Let people do what they want. As long as everyone consents, who cares? 

Focus on You

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It’s time to stop pointing at everyone else and reflect on your own life. If your marriage fails, maybe start treating your wife right rather than blaming the gay couple who just got married. 

They have nothing to do with you. 

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