12 Things People Say Don’t Happen that Actually Happen All the Time

People love to talk about how rare certain events, mishaps, and lucky breaks are. In reality, some of that stuff happens all the time. 

Here are 12 things (both good and bad) that happen far more than you think. 

Lightning Strikes

A lightning storm over a city.
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They say lightning never strikes the same place twice, but that’s a falsity. While rare, lightning strikes do occur and sometimes seem to target specific areas/people. About 40 million lightning strokes occur each year. 

Barking Dogs Don’t Bite

A Doberman sits alert outside in a park.
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Yes, they do. Any strange dog can be dangerous. Nearly 4.5 million people get bitten by dogs each year, and 800,000 of those need medical attention. 

Winning Something

Happy man with a ticket in his hand who looks like he just won a lottery.
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The odds of winning the lottery are 1 in a crazy amount. But people do win. And people win smaller jackpots with scratch-offs, gambling, and giveaways all the time. 

It’s still not a good use of money, though. 

Police Commandeering Your Vehicle

Back of a police man. He's wearing a bullet proof vest and has the word "police" in yellow letters across his back.
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Movies constantly show police commandeering vehicles, but we all think it’s fiction. Some folks really have had cops jump in with them, though. 

Wrong Surgeries

A surgeon wearing a mask, head cap, and eye instruments who is ready for surgery.
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Jokes abound about people going in for a simple procedure and coming out without a leg. However, it does happen. Doctors are people, too, and they can make mistakes. 

Love at First Sight

Woman hugging a cut out heart shape.
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There’s a great debate about whether love at first sight is real or not, but if you think about it outside the romantic sense, you’ll see how true it is. Did you fall in love with your baby at first sight?

Sexual Harassment

A woman looks distrubed as she stares at her male collegue's hand which is resting on her shoulder.
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Men refuse to acknowledge women’s lived experiences with sexual harassment. Every single woman has faced sexual harassment on numerous occasions, while men pretend it’s not a problem. 

Male Abuse Victims

sad man sits with his hand on his head looking regretful.
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On the other end of the scale, no one takes male victims of abuse seriously, though it happens all the time. 

Good Guys Stopping Bad Guys

A man dressed as a fake super hero with a helmet, red eye cover, and cape. He has his fist out as if he's ready to take on the world.
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The NRA pushes the narrative that we shouldn’t have gun control because a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun, while left-wing opponents say that never happens. 

It does happen but doesn’t result in tragedy, so we never hear about it. 

Global Warming

Dead dried out trees on a beach to represent climate change.
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Millions of people still refuse to acknowledge the genuine problems caused by global warming. Our climate is changing, and that will impact weather worldwide. 

False Allegations

A Corrections officer standing in front of a jail cell.
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We probably can’t even begin to count the number of innocent people rotting away in a prison cell. People always make false accusations; usually, the poor folks who can’t afford legal aid suffer the consequences. 

Bad Things Happening To Me

An annoyed woman making a rude expression pointing at herself as if to say "what, me?"
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Whatever the problem, everyone assumes it won’t happen to them. They won’t get divorced; they’ll never experience a chronic illness or disability, and they won’t lose their jobs. 

Bad things happen to good people all the time. 

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