Halloween Trick-or-Treating Not for Poor Kids

They say Christmas is the season of giving, but Halloween embodies the spirit of sharing more than any other holiday. 

People give to their loved ones on Christmas, but on Halloween, people give to anyone knocking at their door. 

Unless, of course, it’s poor kids from a bad neighborhood. 

He’s Mad Poor Kids Trick or Treat in His Neighborhood

One man came to a popular internet community expressing his displeasure at the audacity of poor families who swarm HIS affluent neighborhood searching for treats. 

For the past few years, the neighbors and I have seen a growing amount of people come to our neighborhood for Halloween,” The OP (Original Poster) complains. 

Not Alone in His Disdain for the Poor

Many of OP’s neighbors share his dislike for poor kids. They started “turning off” for Halloween to keep the undesirables out of his rich playground. 

But the rift raft keeps coming, to OP’s obvious frustration. 

Girlfriend Has a Soul

OP’s girlfriend keeps telling him to chill. She explained that many kids live in poor or dangerous neighborhoods that don’t have trick-or-treating and said they should joyfully share their bounty with any kids who knock on their door, regardless of where they’re from. 

Displeased with his girlfriend’s empathy, OP came to the internet to prove himself right. 

Choosing Which Kids Deserve Candy

OP’s comments reek of privilege. One user tried to explain how awful his attitude really is. 

“Imagine being a kid, dressing up, knocking on a door on Halloween and saying, trick-or-treat to someone visibly annoyed by your presence,” they began. “Imagine it is because of something like the color of your skin or because you are overweight. That would feel pretty bad. 

“Now imagine it’s because you are too poor.”

You’re a Jerk OP

The OP is a massive jerk. He wants to exclude underprivileged children from an age-old tradition because he doesn’t like where they’re from. 

That’s a gross attitude. 

Halloween is About Giving

Halloween is about giving candy to anyone who knocks on your door. There’s no rule stating it’s only for kids in your neighborhood. 

Stop gatekeeping Trick-or-Treating by preventing poor kids, kids from different backgrounds, older kids, and anyone else from enjoying the tradition. 

Embrace the Halloween spirit and give freely to anyone who knocks on your door, regardless of where they are from. 

Source: Reddit