The Land of the Free but Only if You’re Rich: 14 Ways Freedom Only Applies to the Wealthy

The land of the free…if you’re wealthy. America is the best country to live in if you’re rich and powerful, but it’s not so great for everyone else. Here are the top “freedoms” the uber-wealthy enjoy at the expense of everyone else. 

Keeping Wages Low

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The rich and powerful lobby against any legislation to raise the minimum wage. They enjoy the freedom to pay workers paltry sums while the taxpayers make up the difference.  

Tax Payer Subsidies

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Ordinary folks hardly see any return on their tax payments. The wealthy rake in the money through corporate subsidies. 

Affluenza Treatment

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Judges don’t stick the rich behind bars. They’re above the law because they “don’t know better.”

Paying a Small Fee

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A lot of stuff that’s illegal for the common folk is perfectly legal for the rich; they just have to pay to do it. They consider these fines the cost of doing business. 

Good Lawyers

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If a wealthy person does find themselves in legal trouble, they can afford the best lawyers who will typically find loopholes and reach plea deals. The Constitution guarantees the right to an attorney, but poor folks are stuck with overburdened public defenders. 

Deciding Who is Worthy of Free Time

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There are no rules in the US guaranteeing any paid time off work. Our corporate overlords decide who is worthy of a break and who isn’t. 


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Rich folks can send their children to the best schools, from primary education to university. They enjoy legacy admissions to Ivy League institutions and never have to worry about student loans. 


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They can also afford the best doctors and new treatments money can buy. The wealthy don’t have to fight with insurance companies for treatment, nor do they have to rely on a job for that insurance. 

Poisoning the Environment

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Giant corporations pump tons of toxins into the air, yet no one cares. The agencies that regulate these practices have very little recourse to prevent it. 

Putting People in Harm’s Way

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They can also get away with using other humans to perform backbreaking labor with few breaks. Far too many people get injured on the job and have to retire early. Our country could do more to protect and care for these folks, but we wouldn’t want to impact a billionaire’s profit margins. 

Bodily Autonomy

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Rich folks don’t care that the US is stripping women of their rights to bodily autonomy. They can afford private doctors to perform any procedure they need. They can also easily travel to countries that support women’s rights. 

Insider Trading

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Insider trading is technically illegal (unless you’re a politician), but you can’t tell me that the rich don’t benefit from their extensive networks of other rich and powerful people by sharing stock tips and company prospects before the general public becomes aware. 

Access To Other People’s Money

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It takes money to make money. Wealthy folks can get massive loans from financial institutions, use those loans to invest, and make money because they pay less interest on the loan than they earn from investment gains. 

Political Influence

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Regular folks get to vote. Rich people get to take politicians out on their private jets. Ordinary folks can write letters. Wealthy folks can send lobbyists to fight for their cause day in and day out. 

Collecting Artifacts

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Rich people get to restrict access to some of humanity’s greatest achievements. They horde paintings and artifacts in their private collections so others can’t enjoy them. 

Keeping More of What They Make

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The regressive tax rate punishes labor while rewarding capital. People who work for their money get taxed at a much higher rate than people who earn money with their money. 

Freedom Costs Money

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The dichotomy between the freedoms the rich enjoy versus what everyone else gets proves a harsh truth about America

It’s the land of the free if you can afford it. Most people can’t.

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