Low Effort, High Reward: The Easiest High Paying Jobs You Can Find

Want to earn a high salary without putting in a ton of work? Consider one of these jobs that pays reasonably well for the required effort. 

Security Guard

A security guard watches the CCCTV screens at his desk while holding a phone.
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Union security guards make great money for what they do. 90% of the time, they serve as a deterrent or watch the video screens. 

The complex parts of the job include escorting fired employees off the premises. 

Top Secret Easy Work

A hand pulls a document labeled "top secret" out of a folder.
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Top-secret facilities need office workers, janitors, and other laborers. You can make big bucks if you can pass a top-secret security clearance without the stress of the actual top-secret work. 


Female social media influencer holding a "follow" sign in one hand and a "like & subscribe" sign in the other.
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You can easily make money as a social media influencer if you’re good-looking and charismatic. You just have to build a following and start hawking products. 

Office Management

A smiling woman working at a desk in an open office.
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Although the stress levels of office management jobs vary by office, most offer easy work for decent pay. Officer managers take care of supplies, vehicle maintenance, pay, and other administrative duties as required. The work varies considerably based on industry. 

Systems Managers

Vintage computer on a colorful bright pink desk against a bright orange wall.
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IT systems managers are often paid to babysit server stacks and ensure nothing goes wrong. In rare instances, something will go wrong, and you’ll be responsible for fixing it, so you need the proper credentials to get the job. 


Smiling man working on his computer, with smiling woman in the background.
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Consultants get paid to “advise” companies. They get paid the big bucks for their knowledge, not for the amount of work they do. Getting a position in a prestigious consulting firm is tough, but if you’re an expert in your field, you can start your own consulting business and work on your terms. 

Scrum Master

woman standing at the head of a table, leading a work meeting
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A scrum master facilitates meetings, and that’s it. If you’re good with people and don’t want to do real work, you can make a decent salary running people’s meetings. 

Waste Management

Two sanitation workers at the back of a garbage truck.
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No one wants to work with trash for a living, so those who do get paid hefty salaries. Nowadays, the truck does most of the work, making it a pretty easy job. 


An inspector filling out a checklist using a clipboard.
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Many inspectors work on easy mode. They get paid more than the laborers to stand around and watch them work. Then, they simply have to test the system and write a report certifying it. 


A couple signing to purchase a timeshare from a sales associate.
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Extroverts do great with sales jobs. They get to talk to people all day; all they have to do is convince them to buy. Introverts may not find it as easy or satisfying. 

Corporate Accounting

An accountant running numbers with a laptop and calculator.
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Corporate accountants don’t have to deal with the stress of last-minute filers. Once they have a sound system, their work runs on easy mode. 

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