Making Money’s a Breeze Online: Here are some Easy Ways to Earn Extra Cash with the Internet

Need Money? The Internet has your back. We live in a time when anyone can plug in and start earning. Here are the easiest ways to make money online. 

Easy Money vs. Lots of Money

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These methods are designed to help you make a quick buck. You won’t get rich or replace your income with them, though there are plenty of online ventures that, although they aren’t nearly as easy, will make you far more money. 

Here are easy ways to make quick money online. 

Mobile Gaming

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Download Mistplay to turn your mobile gaming habit into a cash machine. You won’t make a ton, but what does it hurt if you’re playing anyway?

Taking Surveys

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Bored? Take a survey. Marketers need data, and they’re willing to pay for it (but not a lot.)

Cashback and Coupons

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Making money, saving money, same thing, right? Numerous apps allow you to save money on everyday purchases. 

Money saved is money earned, as they say. 

Sell Your Stuff

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Have a bunch of junk to get rid of? List it on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. You can’t go wrong with making money while decluttering. 

Sell Photos

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Magazines and websites are always looking for that perfect shot. Upload your amazing photos to stock photography sites and get paid whenever someone uses your image. 

Digital Products

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Did you create a Google Sheets for budgeting that you swear by? Upload it to Etsy as a digital product and wait for payday! You can sell loads of digital products on Etsy. Consider 3d printer schematics, coloring books, prompts, worksheets, and other templates people might have a use for. 

Making them is easy; once it’s done, it’s almost like passive income. 

All the Apps

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There are tons of apps that connect workers to customers online. Though you still have to technically do the work (which isn’t always online), the online space works as a marketplace, helping you find customers. Use Rover to walk dogs, Uber to drive, Instacart to deliver food, and Task Rabbit to help folks around the house. 


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Trade your skills for cash whenever you need a boost with freelancing. Patrons on sites like Fivver are always looking for writers, editors, and designers for short jobs. Choose your hours and projects for fast, easy cash. 

Test the Web

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Some sites pay users to test out their user experience. Earn pocket cash by Beta testing and reviewing websites. 


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You don’t need to commit to a full freelance job to make money online. Companies like Clickworker offer users the ability to do short-term projects, like AI testing and data entry, at their own pace.

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