12 Tips for Escaping Poverty from People Who’ve Lived it

Poverty begets more poverty. When you’re stuck in it, living hand to mouth, it feels impossible to dig out. There’s hope. Here’s how real people managed to escape poverty. 

Temp Work

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Getting a job feels impossible when you have nothing. Many people used temp work to bridge the gap. The agency often needs a warm body to fill the space, but if you show up on time, looking presentable, you’ll make an impression that can be your ticket out of poverty. 

Work Ethic

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You must be willing to put in the work to dig out. Whether you’re in fast food or the CEO of a company, you should show your boss that they can count on you. 

No Spend

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While we can’t begrudge folks who spend their extra money on a treat, some say the key to escaping poverty is foregoing anything that’s not essential for survival. No eating out, no addictions, no snacks – nothing until you can afford a better life. 

Learn to Cook

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The cheapest meals are those made from scratch. Prepackaged food, microwave meals, and dinners out all have giant markups. Cooking from scratch will stretch your dollars further. 

Lots of Hours

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When you make minimum wage, you must work longer hours to make ends meet. People dug themselves out of poverty by working over 60 hours per week, often at multiple jobs. 

Dumpster Dive

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Grocery stores and restaurants often throw away good food. While it’s not ideal, it’s better than going hungry. 


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Some kids who grew up in poverty vowed to do better. They worked hard in school to get good grades and free-ride scholarships to college. 

Ditch the Family

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Not every family is the shining star of support the media claims. Some people should never have had children, and some families work hard to keep everyone around them trapped in the same misery they’re in. 

To escape, you’ll have to let go of them. 

The Military

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Those in good health can get jobs with Uncle Sam defending our nation. The military takes almost anyone and guarantees a paycheck and a place to live. Many people climbed out of poverty by climbing the military ranks. 

Government Programs

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People love to rag on “entitlement programs,” but they really do help a lot of people dig out of poverty. Food stamps, assisted housing, and government child care programs provide the safety nets and boost people need to make it on their own. 

Keep Learning

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You never know when an entire industry will vanish. The more skills you learn, the more you can protect yourself from massive changes in the job market

Watch for Opportunity

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Don’t lose hope. Many people got out through a lucky break they could take advantage of. Opportunity is constantly knocking, but you’ll miss it if you don’t pay attention. 

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