12 Lifestyle Changes with Massive Impacts on Your Finances

People usually initiate lifestyle changes to become healthier, but many also positively impact their finances. Here are 12 lifestyle changes that have massive financial impacts. 

Quit Drinking

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A few beers a day adds up. You can cut hundreds of dollars off your monthly food budget if you stop ordering drinks at restaurants and stop grabbing six-packs at grocery stores. 

Soft Drinks

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People reflexively order soft drinks with all their meals, but restaurants charge outrageous prices for sugar water. Why pay $3.5 for the pop when you can get a glass of water instead? Expand this to the grocery store and quit drinking soda altogether. 

Limiting Generosity

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We all want to treat our friends well, but it becomes problematic when it’s not reciprocated and becomes expected. Stop treating your friends all the time to save money and discover who likes you for you. 

Pen and Paper Budget

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Seeing the numbers written down makes things real for some people. Rather than looking at a digital statement every month, write everything you spend down in a journal. Discovering how much you spend on useless junk can be eye-opening. 

Cooking at Home

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Cooking at home has many benefits. You can control the ingredients and the portion sizes, and home-cooked meals are typically far cheaper than restaurant meals. 


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Incorporating planning into every aspect of your life can help you save a great deal of money. Use a bullet journal to keep track of your schedule, events, and special occasions so nothing ever creeps up on you again. 

Preventative Health

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It is far cheaper to see a doctor and take medication for a minor health problem than to wait for it to become a massive health problem. Make an appointment. 

Stopped Stressing Over Appearances

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Young girls are told their looks matter above all else. Because of that horrific message, many girls spend hours and thousands of dollars keeping up with appearances. They feel much better about themselves (and their financial future) when they let go of unattainable beauty standards. 


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Some folks traded wild nights out for relaxing nights in and couldn’t be happier. They drink less, feel better, get more sleep, and spend far less money. 

Setting Boundaries

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How many times have you spent a small fortune doing something you didn’t even want to do in the first place? Learning to say no can help you save a lot of money and improve your self-esteem. 

Going Vegan

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Meat is expensive. You can save a ton of money on groceries if you cut it out entirely. However, you can still save if you limit your meat intake. Try enjoying 2-3 vegan meals per week, and swap beef out with chicken or turkey. 

Walk More

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Try walking or biking to work, grocery stores, and outings if you can. You’ll get healthier and save a lot of money on gas and car maintenance. 

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