Not So Guilty Pleasures We Never Feel Bad About Buying

We work hard for our money, so we should be able to spend however we want. Unfortunately, bills and reality catch up, and we know we need to be more responsible. 

We’ll still splurge on a few things, though; here are the ones we don’t even feel bad about. 

Books for the Grandkids

an open book and quill in an aged looking library surrounded by old books.
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Gifting grandchildren the pleasure of a great book is worth every penny. Grandparents ignore their fixed incomes to ensure their grandkids always have the fresh reading material they want. 


A woman enjoying a fast food cheeseburger.
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We have to eat, and we may as well treat our bodies right. Spending extra on good-for-you food will pay dividends in the long run with better health outcomes. 


Wall covered with various colored tennis shoes
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Cheap shoes break quickly and make your feet hurt. Many prefer to pay extra for a good, comfortable pair they know will last. 


young woman smiling while making the bed
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Sleep is essential, yet too many of us get poor sleep due to cheap, uncomfortable mattresses. Splurging on a quality mattress is more of an investment than a money dump. 

Toilet Paper

man holding 7 roll of toilet paper in his arms
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Generic toilet paper is never the answer. Do you really save money if you have to use twice the amount? Don’t feel guilty about buying the more expensive brand that leaves you feeling clean all day. 


Smiling woman holding a cat
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Our pets deserve the world, and we never feel bad about giving it to them. Kitty may not need another pack of catnip-infused toy mice, but she loves it, and we love making her happy. 

Concert Tickets

Crowd of raised arms at a concert.
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Life is about experiences. Imagine having the opportunity to see Nirvana play in 1993 and skipping it because “I’ll catch them next time.” You never know when your favorite band will play their last show, so don’t feel guilty about catching them when you can. 

Making Someone Happy

A man bringing his date flowers.
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Gift-giving is many people’s love language. These folks never pass up the opportunity to make someone smile with a token of love, regardless of how much it costs. 

Skin Care

A man rubbing skin care lotion under his eye.
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Healthy skin takes work and often money. People don’t feel bad about forking over cash for the expensive products that keep their skin fresh, clean, and beautiful for years. 

Birth Control

stressed mom with two young kids
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We’ll never understand how people claim condoms or birth control pills are too expensive. Any birth control option is far cheaper than a baby. If you can’t afford birth control, you definitely can’t afford kids!


Happy man dressed like a tourist holding his passport up and his luggage over his shoulder.
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The world awaits! Lots of people splurge on adventure and cross-country treks without a second thought. Don’t let money prevent you from exploring the vast world around you. 

Video Games

Happy man holding a video game controller sitting on a couch like he's playing a game.
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Once you have your system, gaming is a relatively inexpensive hobby. A new game costs about $80 now but offers hours of playable content you can enjoy for weeks, even months. 


The iconic circular green Starbucks coffee sign hanging in front of a store.
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Fancy morning coffee is almost synonymous with wasteful spending, but many gurus get it wrong. Sure, it’s five bucks you could have saved, but five dollars isn’t going to make or break a retirement, and the morning treat is sometimes the only joy a person has in their life. 

Enjoy your morning coffee, and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about it. 

Food Delivery

A man riding a bicylce with a food delivery case on his back.
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Many decry the outrageous cost of food delivery services like Ubereats and Doordash, but it’s a life-saving service for many who don’t have the time or ability to go grab the food on their own or cook at home. 

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