14 Reasons Workers Quit a Job Mid-Shift

Most workers follow the script. If they don’t like a job or have a better offer, they’ll do the right thing and give a two weeks notice. But sometimes, a job is so soul-sucking that people can’t wait to leave. 

Here are some reasons why people have noped out right in the middle of a shift and never looked back. 

Shady Taxes

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One man said he left on the second day after the worker let it slip that he committed tax fraud. The owner claimed he paid the worker’s taxes and gave them the balance in cash. Time to quit and call the IRS!

High-Pressure Sales

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Telemarketing jobs force you to use high-pressure sales tactics. One person couldn’t handle it and walked out after being forced to watch the “How to manipulate people into buying junk” video for the hundredth time. 


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Bosses don’t care about worker safety. One restaurant expected back-end restaurant staff to toil in 100+ degree heat because they couldn’t bother to fix the air conditioner. They all walked out. 

Yeah, this Isn’t Worth It

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One employee lasted 12 minutes at a temp assignment. They were ready to go until they watched two other employees start a full-on fistfight. 

Pay for a New Coat

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If companies want you to wear their branded uniforms, they should pay for them. One man walked out after a manager berated him for not wearing a coat with the company’s logo when working outside in the winter. The company never offered a branded jacket. Apparently, the workers are supposed to ruin their own clothes. 

You Break it, You Buy It

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Most restaurant owners know accidents happen and things break. It’s a cost of doing business. One lost his entire staff after attempting to implement a new policy to charge workers for broken items. 

Power Trip

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Minimum-wage workers don’t make enough to deal with snotty brats on power trips. One had just finished mopping the floor and was about to leave for the night when the boss’s son stomped through with muddy boots. He walked out when the son demanded he clean it up. 

Train Your Replacement

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Companies love hurting their employees by replacing their good jobs with bad ones. Usually, they’re secretive about their sinister plans, but sometimes, they show their cards too soon. One fired nearly everyone, and asked the sole remaining employee to train the lower-wage replacements. “No thanks,” he said, letting them scramble to prepare the new folks. 

Do More for the Same Wage

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One college student quit a job when the boss tried making him do far more than what he was hired for without increasing his compensation. He was hired for data entry at minimum wage, and the boss tried to get him to do skilled IT work. 

No Bathroom Break

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A man walked off his packaging handling job when his shift supervisor questioned his need to use the restroom. 

A Screaming Manager

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Managers who don’t know how to talk to people will soon find themselves without any people to talk to. One restaurant worker shared that he walked out after a horrible manager got in his face and screamed at him. The rest of the staff soon followed. 

Profits Above Safety

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A bar tried to do the right thing by banning local criminals but missed the money they spent. They’d rather risk having dangerous fights inside the pub than risk losing money, so the bouncer bounced. 

Don’t Treat Customers Like People!

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One man worked at a small, slow coffee bar that served many elderly people. He walked out after his manager scolded him for helping the seniors carry their coffee to their tables because “they’re not a full-service restaurant,” He couldn’t imagine treating people like that. 

Not Paying the Promised Rate

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Companies will really lie to people’s faces, telling them they’re getting one rate while paying another. One man walked off a job after seeing his check where they paid $2 per hour less than he agreed to. He brought it to his foreman, thinking it must be a mistake, but nope, the company refused to pay the agreed-upon rate, and no one bothered to tell him. He left. 

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