Billionaire Demands Workers Feel Economic Pain To Keep Them in Their Place

If you ever doubted that billionaires see ordinary people as cannon fodder, look no further than Billionaire Tim Gurner’s recent comments. 

“We Need To See Pain”

The almost billionaire (last estimates put his net worth near, but not quite a billion dollars) shared his view of the current work culture at the Financial Review Property Summit. 

He stated that we need to see pain in the economy to “remind people they work for the employer, not the other way around.”

Billionaire’s Upset When Workers Demand Rights

Gurner’s comments come as millions of people demand relief from the toxic work environment of the last three decades. 

Workers are demanding benefits, pay increases, and a work-life balance. They quiet quit or jump ship when things get toxic and walk out of interviews when they notice red flags that the company will take advantage. 

In short, workers have had enough. They’re demanding better treatment and living wages. 

It’s finally hitting billionaires where it hurts, and they don’t like it. 

Workers React

Workers won’t take these comments standing down. This out-of-touch billionaire said the quiet part out loud. He basically admitted that he wants a poor, desperate populace that will line up to make pennies in his quest for ever-increasing wealth. 

People in numerous online communities reacted to the statement. 

Companies Aren’t Entitled To Labor

Gunther thinks he should be gifted labor because of his billionaire status. The world doesn’t work that way. 

Companies need labor, so they must pay a fair price, just like anything else. 

Companies believe they are entitled to our labor. It’s crazy, this is a contract, nothing more. Pay me what I’m worth!” exclaimed one user. 

It’s Feudalism

Many likened his comments to a form of feudalism, where workers without options were forced to serve their lords and masters. 

You won’t hear a more honest and open appraisal of how the economy is really just centuries-old feudalism, rebranded,” said one. 

“That’s a very direct way of saying, the peasants are getting a little too uppity,” said another. 

Labor is Their Backbone

Billionaires need to realize that without employees, they’d have nothing. 

“We need to remind them that we generate dollars, not them,” said one user. 

“He should be reminded that only labor creates value, and therefore, it’s the work of the employees that pays for the CEO’s compensation and for the shareholders’ dividends,” said another. 

He’s Calling for Slavery

Gunther’s statement leaves little room for interpretation. He wants desperate workers who companies can control. He wants people to hurt so bad they’ll accept anything. He disdains worker’s rights, time off, benefits, and the mere idea of paying a living wage. 

He wants slavery. 

“This man wants slaves,” stated one incredulous user, highlighting the abject truth of the comments. 

Workers’ Demands Having an Impact

Gunther’s comments showcase one positive side of our current work culture: billionaires are scared. 

Gunther demands a return to literal slavery because he doesn’t want to pay a living wage or offer benefits. He wants workers to sacrifice their lives for his wealth. 

The new trend of workers standing up for themselves and their rights has him shaking in his boots that he’ll lose a little wealth and never actually reach billionaire status. 


Let him lose wealth. Workers must maintain their efforts in demanding fair wages and labor practices. 

It’s clearly having an impact. 

Source: Reddit

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