Companies Hate Work from Home, But Love Outsourcing – Make it Make Sense!

Corporations hate working from home – unless that work-from-home employee is based in an underdeveloped country and earning a fraction of what a US worker would cost. 

Then they love it!

Why is it okay to have remote workers on the opposite side of the planet but not in our own backyard?

Follow the Money

The difference in opinion between work from home for US citizens and remote work for cheap, foreign laborers shows that it’s not actually about where the work gets done. 

That means return-to-office policies aren’t about productivity; they’re about money. 

A shift to remote work would endanger billions of investment dollars in corporate real estate, and since many companies have their fingers in that money jar, they couldn’t allow that to happen. 

Companies also get tax breaks from cities for locating in certain areas. Their workers contribute to the local economy on lunch breaks, coffee breaks, and happy hours. When the workers stay home, these small businesses shut down. 

These two factors contribute to the massive push for workers to return to the office. It’s not about productivity; it’s about economics. 

And the Control

But another factor is also at play: the human desire to exert control over others. Many mid-level bosses thrive on power. They need their corner offices and delight in lording over their workers, day in and day out. 

When the staff works from home, they feel lost. How will they show superiority if they can’t force everyone to cater to them?

Office Work Preserves the Work Culture

America’s work culture demands supplication at the altar of big business. Employees who work from home have a work-life balance. They can do laundry during their free time, design their schedules around their lives, and take breaks as needed. 

Corporate America loathes the very idea of balance. If workers aren’t producing 24/7, they don’t even deserve to live. We can’t let them think there’s a better way to do something that allows them fuller lives; our profits may suffer!

Corporations Will Do What’s Best for Them

It doesn’t have to make sense and can be completely hypocritical. The higher-ups don’t care. 

Corporations and CEOs will do whatever is in their best interests. Maybe it’s time you start fighting for yours. 

Source: Reddit