Workers Share Their Top Reasons for Quiet Quitting

Quiet Quitting is more than a buzzword. Millions of people have given up on the idea that hard work brings success. Instead, they do the bare minimum to collect their paycheck. 

Why Quiet Quit?

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People quiet quit because they can’t formally quit. They need the money their job brings. However, they’re under no illusion that going above and beyond will have any positive impacts. 

Workers of the internet shared the real reasons they stopped working hard at their jobs. 


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Imagine busting your butt for a company for years only to watch an executive’s relative quickly ascend the corporate ladder. 

When workers realize they won’t rise in the ranks because they aren’t related to the right people, they stop trying. 

Doing Well Leads to Layoffs

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Some workers shared the high price they paid for over-achieving. Finding efficient ways to complete the job in less time led to mass layoffs, as companies prioritize profits above all else. 

Once we finished our objective of imaging thousands of PCs earlier than expected, a dozen of us contractors [were] laid off,” shared one worker, adding that they now take as long as they can with a job to ensure job security. 

Breaking Promises

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Another shared that a temp company promised a full-time position if they did well with the project and unceremoniously let them go after they went above and beyond to finish it ahead of schedule. 

Many realized that working hard leads to punishment rather than rewards. 

Hard Work Means More Work

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You don’t get bonuses, praise, or even a break when you work hard and finish your projects ahead of schedule. You get more work. 

People who learned this harsh lesson decided it’s easier to take things slowly and do the expected work rather than stress themselves out trying to go above and beyond. 

You Don’t Earn More

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In most positions, the hard worker earns the same paycheck as their mediocre counterpart. Watching someone do the bare minimum while struggling to give your all becomes disheartening when you realize you’d overwhelming yourself for nothing. 

At the end of the day, you get paid the same, so why try so hard?

When the Boss Steals Your Accolades

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Many of us understand that our jobs are to make our bosses look good. However, a good boss will give credit where credit is due. 

A lot of workers give up after going above and beyond to find solutions, only to have their boss take full credit. Watching your higher-up get rewards and bonuses for your hard work while you get nothing is enough to make anyone quiet quit. 

No Raises or Bonuses

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When raises are tied to performance, and you perform well, you expect a raise. However, some companies do everything they can to limit pay increases. 

They’ll say your performance was outstanding but not good enough for a bonus, or that although you did great, your division didn’t, so no one in your unit can have a raise. The worst is when they say they can’t afford to give raises while raking in record profits. 

Employees know. They stop performing when they’re treated this way. 

When You Have Enough

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Some have realized that putting all your effort into work isn’t the path toward a fulfilling life. They work hard until they have enough, then quiet quit so they can enjoy their lives. 

“Yes, we have to do something and earn some money, but just level off if you’re lucky enough to do things you enjoy and no more,” shared one user. 

When You’re Too Good To Promote

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If you work hard, you’ll stand out to managers, who will reward you for your diligence and promote you to senior positions. 

Unfortunately, that’s a lie. Far too many managers don’t want to lose their top performers. Why promote you when they’d have to hire three people to do the work you did?

Of course, managers often shoot themselves in the foot. As soon as the worker finds out why they’ve been passed over for promotion, they stop trying. 

Written Up for Trying to Help

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One worker shared they were written up for failing to deliver on time after they volunteered to do the work of a sick employee. Rather than thank them, the company expected them to complete double the work in the same shift and wrote them up when they couldn’t deliver on that outrageous expectation. 

That employee never volunteered to help out again. 

Comments About Pumping

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Mothers face massive discrimination in the workplace. Though fair labor standards often require companies to provide time and space for new mothers to pump, many hate it and will disparage the mother for even thinking about stepping away from her desk. 

One new mom said she stopped caring after her manager commented about her pumping schedule, even though she rarely pumped at work in the first place. 

Manager’s Job Without Manager’s Pay

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Companies often pass over high performers for promotions but expect them to help the new supervisor.  

Sorry company; if you wanted me to do the manager’s job, you would have hired me into the position rather than hiring someone from outside who doesn’t know how to do the work. 

Short Staffed

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Far too many companies lose staff and then expect their remaining employees to pick up the slack. After seeing that one person can do the work of three, they decide there’s no need to hire more. 

Workers don’t mind picking up the slack short term, but when they see the company has no intention to fill the lost positions, they quiet quit. 

Why do the job of three people when you’re only getting the paycheck of one?

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