23 Glorious Things to Be Thankful For This Holiday Season

It’s been a rough year. With rising inflation and political uncertainty, it might be hard to muster gratitude. 

However, if you’re here and reading this, you can probably be thankful for at least a few things. Here are 23 ideas of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. 

A Healthy Body

A smiling older woman working out with free weights.
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Give thanks for your ability to walk, eat solid foods, and get out of the house. We all may have varying health struggles, but we’re still capable of getting up and about, and that’s something to be thankful for. 

A Sharp Mind

Pretty short haired woman with her hand on her chin and a smile on her face as if she's having a happy thought.
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Can you read the news, play word games, and think critically about things happening worldwide? Give thanks for your healthy mind. 


mom and daughter wearing matching heart shaped sunglasses and little crowns.
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Most of us have at least one treasured family member we can count on in a pinch. Reach out to that person and thank them for being in your life. 


A group of friends at the bowling alley. The view from the lane as a woman throws the ball.
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We can’t choose our families, but we can choose our friends. These folks are in our lives because we want them to be, so take a moment to cherish that. 

Your Beloved Pet

A man sits on a couch and lean towards his pet cat, who's leaning towards him.
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Many of us would be lost without our faithful furry companion. Our animals bless our lives in millions of immeasurable ways. Have you thanked them with cuddles today?


A serving of fish and chips with lemon and tarter sauce.
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Inflation is causing massive price increases, but most of us still can afford to eat. We may not be feasting on steak and caviar; our bellies are full. 

A Cup of Coffee

A smiling woman holding her morning cup of coffee.
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Thank goodness for that morning cup of joe! It sounds silly, but why not express gratitude for a favorite beverage that helps you get through the day?


A woman sitting and writing with her laptop to represent content clusters.
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Take a moment to marvel at the innovative advances that allow you even to read this article right now. That’s enough to be thankful for. 

Public Infrastructure

One driver tailgating another on a three-lane highway.
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When was the last time you stopped and said thanks for the roads you drive on every day, the sidewalks you walk your dogs on, and the parks you take your kids to?  

A Good Book

A woman looks up from a book with a shocked expression on her face to represent books about witches.
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When was the last time you got lost in a good book? Consider all the human ingenuity that went into developing the story, editing it, printing it, publishing it, and getting it into your hands. 

Your Skills

smiling Female executive with arms crossed standing in front of a group pf blurred out workers.
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Almost everyone has a few special skills they should be thankful for. Whether you’re an excellent chef, a world-class juggler, or a great leader, that’s something to be proud of and express gratitude over. 


smiling man wearing college graduation robes and holding a diploma
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The United States makes a massive effort to educate its children. Kids are guaranteed a k-12 education so they learn to read, write, count, and think critically. Many of you have advanced educations beyond high school, a fantastic feat you should celebrate. 

The Lessons You Learned Along the Way

Man and woman standing side by side each holding a pen and thinking.
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Sometimes, the best lessons are learned outside the classroom. What have you learned along the way, and why are you grateful for that lesson?


hands typing on a computer with beautiful creative colors flowing out of the keys
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Human ingenuity knows no bounds; I know you have some of it. Thank yourself for your creative thinking, problem-solving, writing, or decorating skills. Celebrate your unique flavor!


Silhouettes of two figures climbing a mountain. The figure on the top is reaching down to help the figure still climbing ascend.
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The world abounds with opportunity. Show your thanks for all the career opportunities you’ve received, the experiences you’ve collected, and the opportunities you’ve had to share your passions with others.

A Treasured Possession

Collection of random antiques.
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Do you have a prized possession? Perhaps it’s an award you won, a photo of someone no longer in your life, or a stuffed animal from early childhood. It’s okay to be grateful for the cool things you own. 

A Relaxing Hobby

Woman etching a design into her clay project before heating it.
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After a hard day of work, you can come home and destress with your favorite book, video game, or craft project. Be thankful you found something you enjoy that relaxes you. 

Bedtime Tea

Woman smiling into her tea cup about to take a sip.
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Like our morning coffee, our bedtime tea provides a small sense of comfort in a stressful world. Take in the relaxing aroma of bedtime herbs and drift off into a peaceful slumber. 


Carefree woman riding a bike amidst the cherry blossoms in spring.
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Finally, give thanks that you’re even here at all. Life is a beautiful gift; treasure it! Make the best of your time on this planet by thinking of all the other things you have to be thankful for.

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