US Residents Share The Best Parts of Living in the United States

Living in America offers some fantastic perks. Here are the best the mighty USA offers its residents!

National Parks

The iconic arch at Arches National Park in Utah.
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Teddy Roosevelt started the National Park system while president as a way to preserve nature for generations, and his vision took off. 

Our national parks showcase Mother Earth’s magnificent beauty. Our tax dollars work hard to maintain the trails, facilities, and spectacular views so everyone can enjoy them. 

All the Food

woman enjoying cheap food - ramen noodles in a bowl
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America’s diversity led to a fabulous variety of ethnic foods. Most large cities offer an abundance of options for even the most delicate palates. 

Americans can enjoy tacos for breakfast, curry for lunch, and pasta for dinner. In addition, many cities created their own unique fare that’s rarely available elsewhere. Just try to find good Cajun food outside New Orleans or a fabulous Texas BBQ in Minnesota. 

First Market

Hands holding and showcasing various devices to represent new technology
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Lots of fantastic products debut in the States before anywhere else. Americans get first dibs on the newest releases and latest technology. 


Diverse group of people standing in a circle all smiling and looking into the camera.
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Most big cities in the US showcase the best thing about the country: The diversity. People from all cultures, countries, races, creeds, and ethnicities come together in America, all hopeful that we can make the world a better place. 

Road Trips

Group of young adults riding in a convertable with their hands up
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America’s sprawling freeway system makes it the best country for embarking upon a road trip. The States abound with charming small towns and random roadside attractions. 


Business man walking through a small opening in a large dark space to the city full of opportunity seen through the crack.
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America sells itself as the land of opportunity. Although many will say that ideal no longer exists, some still find ways to make the system work for them. 

High Incomes

Smiling man in a suit holding a wad of cash and pointing to it with his other hand.
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America is the land of opportunity: for the wealthy. Low tax rates and high salaries for top earners make the country a paradise for folks in the upper echelons of society. 


A man sits in a wheelchair with a laptop in his lap. He's turned towards the camera and smiling.
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The Americans with Disabilities Act seeks to make life easier for folks with disabilities. Most businesses must be ADA compliant, ensuring that folks with mobility issues and neurodivergence can participate in society. 

National Security

Map of continental United States.
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The odds of a foreign country invading the US are extremely low. Massive oceans surround the country, which only shares a border with two other countries. A raging river defends the Southern border, while vast swaths of rugged forest make the Northern border nearly impenetrable. 

In addition, the US spends far more money on national defense than any other country. 


Happy carefree woman outside in the sunshine with her hands in the air.
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The Bill of Rights guarantees all citizens the freedom of speech, assembly, religion, and more. Citizens can say whatever they want about the government without fear of reprisal. 

Unfortunately, some of our fundamental rights are currently at risk, but most citizens remain hopeful that sanity will win over fascist ideology. 

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