15 Crazy Popular Food Trends We Absolutely Wish Would End

The hottest things in food don’t always live up to the hype. The internet hopes these popular food trends go out of fashion soon. 

Food Trucks

A food truck in an empty parking lot at night.
Photo Credit: Gorodenkoff via Shutterstock.com.

Can we please go back to when food trucks did one thing well for a reasonable price? No one wants to pay restaurant prices for your tiny burger with an entire tomato shoved between the buns. 

No Menus

A nice restaurant menu open to the main menu page.
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Please just show me the menu! Why do I have to start an online order if I don’t even know I want to eat there yet?

Fancy Street Tacos

Three tasty looking street tacos from Los Angeles.
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High-end restaurants trying to capitalize on the taco craze don’t understand the appeal of street tacos. You don’t charge $20 bucks for 3 street tacos. 

Trendy Poor Food

A serving of chicken wings on a table.
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Rich people discovered the delicious treasures of poor people’s food, like ox tail, chicken wings, and spam, so prices increased, ensuring the poor could no longer enjoy their favorite staples. 

Stupid Food

pretty woman with red hair cringing
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There’s an entire subculture where people waste precious food attempting to make the most horrific concoctions imaginable. It’s all for clicks and engagement. 

Recipe Hacks

Happy woman in the kitchen reading a recipe book before cooking.
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Why do we love the word “hack” so much? Making a slight change to a recipe isn’t a hack. Making the recipe easier with a unique trick would be a hack. 

Ugly Buildings

A plain shopping center outside without any branding. A strip mall of ugly beige buildings.
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Back in the day, we could drive through a town and recognize the different fast food places by their unique building designs. Now, they’re all standard beige, which makes the real estate easier to offload but also makes the cities boring. 

Messing with Service Workers

An exhausted service worker wearing a hat and apron has her eyes closed and her hand on her head.
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People are notoriously rude to service workers. They’ll make ridiculous requests for video views and engagement while refusing to see that they’re hurting the real person in front of them who just wants to do their job and go home. 

Heart Attack Desserts

Healthy fruits and vegetables compared to unhealthy donuts, pastries and sugars.
Photo Credit: ilona.shorokhova via Shutterstock.com.

We don’t need deep-fried Twinkies stuffed with fried oreos or donuts over milkshakes covered with chocolate sauce. 

Picture Perfect

Assortment of various Thai dishes with pad thai with shrimp in the center.
Photo Credit: Joshua Resnick via Shutterstock.com.

Some places try so hard to make food look good for photos that the quality decreases. It doesn’t matter, though. The people who go there would rather have a perfect shot for Instagram than a delicious meal. 

Recipe Blogs

Cook book open with small images of food and kitchen tools floating around it like magic.
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We don’t hate recipe blogs, but we hate that all food bloggers think they need to write a 2000-word treatise on why they’ve loved banana bread since childhood. Can we just have the recipe, please?


A woman holding a donut next to a microphone.
Photo Credit: Andrey_Popov via Shutterstock.com.

Does anyone really enjoy the sounds of someone else chewing?

Tall Burgers

Juicy grilled double cheeseburger on a plate with chips and a hot dog.
Photo Credit: Joshua Resnick via Shutterstock.com.

Everyone loves a delicious burger, but the trend where it’s so tall you need a detachable jaw to bite into it needs to end. 

Fusion Everything

Asian/Mexican food fusion with sushi in a taco shell.
Photo Credit: Antonina Vlasova via Shutterstock.com.

Fusion is fantastic, but not everything needs to be fusion. I don’t need sushi tacos; sometimes I just want sushi, and sometimes I just want tacos. 


egg bacon and avocado breakfast.
Photo Credit: Elena Shashkina via Shutterstock.com.

Bacon is great for breakfast and on a BLT. We don’t need bacon in green beans, smothered in chocolate, in our bloody marys, or with our grilled chicken. 

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