12 Life Stats We Really Don’t Want To See

If life were a game allowing you to see your stats during the “game over” screen, what would you want to see? What would you be horrified to see?

Internet users pondered over that very question, hoping they never discover their true stats in these 12 areas of their lives. 

Commute Time

A man asleep behind the wheel of his car.
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We definitely don’t want to know how much of our lives we’ve wasted sitting in a car driving to and from work. It’s depressing just thinking about it. 

When I Could Have Helped

A sad unsure woman holds a wedding ring while pondering her future.
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We’re often so wrapped up in our own lives that we don’t see the suffering around us. Please, never show us all the times we could have helped someone but didn’t. 

Screen Time

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All of us would be horrified by our screen time stats.  How much time do we waste every day on our phones? How much does that add up to in a lifetime?

Times You Made Things Awkward

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Are you aware of all the times you did or said something that completely changed the vibe of the room? You probably don’t want to be. 

How Much We Drank

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We all know drinking is harmful to us, but that doesn’t stop us from indulging every once in a while. But is it really just once in a while? Do we want to know for sure?

Phone Calls To Loved Ones

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Our parents will always be there, until one day, they’re not. One of the most heartbreaking stats would be seeing how many times your mom called compared to the few times you called her back. 

Missed Signals

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We’d be kicking ourselves if we knew how often we were utterly oblivious to someone who expressed romantic interest in us. 

Time Spent Obsessing

woman obsessively reaching out as if she's trying to grab something that doesn't want to be grabbed.
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Do you want to know how many days, weeks, and years you spent obsessing over potential problems that never came to pass? Imagine how productive you could have been had you let it go. 


Senior woman sits alone in a room staring out the window.
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Many of us feel invisible. The things we say go unheard, our actions go unseen, and we drift through life unnoticed. We don’t really want to see the harsh truth about how much it happens. 

Embarrassing Mistakes

Woman with her palm on her head and a grimace on her face as if to say she made a mistake.
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“Enjoy the movie,” offers the smiling attendant as he offers you your tickets. “You too,” you respond without thinking before cringing that you told the person selling tickets to enjoy a movie they aren’t seeing. 

Things People Said Behind Your Back

Senior man and woman giggling and gossiping.
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People gossip. It’s a fact of life. Would you ever want to know all the awful things people said about you behind your back? Would you take the bad things if you also got access to the good things?

Pointless Spending

happy woman holding shopping bags
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Could we really have been rich if we had a little discipline? Finding out how much money we spent on useless junk would probably help us discover the answer, but we’re not sure we want to know. 

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