Poorly Designed Products That Make Us Wonder if the Designer Ever Even Used it

Some products don’t live up to their hype. Others seem like good ideas but have such awful design flaws that consumers scratch their heads, wondering why it was made like this. 

Here are some products with messed up features, making us wonder if the engineer ever even tried it. 

Appliance Alarms

Couple looking at a dishwasher
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It’s great to know when the dishes are done or when the washer finishes its cycle, but does the alarm have to wake up the entire neighborhood?

Some brands don’t even give consumers the option to turn off the alarms, and the ones that do have two settings: silent or unbearably loud. 

Outlook Search

A woman frustrated at her computer. She has her hand up and is staring at the screen looking annoyed.
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We often need to search our emails to find a memo from two years ago, but Microsoft doesn’t make it easy. 

You have to search for the exact words, or you’ll either get all your emails or no results. 


large printer printing out a sample of all the colors.
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There are so many things wrong with printer design. Some printers refuse to scan documents if they don’t have ink (why? You don’t need ink to scan!). 

The most rage-inducing design flaw in printers is when you can’t print in black and white because your printer is out of colored ink. 

Loud Children’s Toys

A toy megaphone with fake teeth on a blue background.
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Some toy makers hate parents. They make the most obnoxiously loud toys and refuse to add features like volume control or silencers to ease parents’ burden. 

A Locked Trunk

A person about to open the trunk on their SUV.
Photo Credit: Boonlert Saikrajang via Shutterstock.com.

Some Chevy cars have a fatal design flaw preventing owners from fixing dead batteries. The battery is in the trunk, which can only be opened electronically as there’s no keyhole. 

So when the battery is dead, you can’t open the trunk to access the battery. 

Easy Open Packages

Person pulling an easy open tab on a yellow envelope.
Photo Credit: Ekaterina_Minaeva via Shutterstock.com.

Lots of food packaging claims an “easy open” area, but that area is often the most challenging part to open. Kraft Mac & Cheese boxes are the worst offenders, with their “easy press” lids never bending to your thumb’s pressure. 

The package’s “tear here” part will surely be the strongest part. 

Women’s Underwear

A skeptical looking woman with her arms crossed making a face as if she's not impressed and judging you.
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Women’s underwear has an extra layer to prevent leakage, but the design doesn’t consider the average woman’s anatomy. The extra layer doesn’t go up far enough to make a difference. 

Touch Screen in Cars

Driver using touchscreen in her vehicle.
Photo Credit: Dusan Petkovic via Shutterstock.com.

Touch screen was the coolest, slickest technology, but does it belong in cars? Drivers rely on their physical sense of touch to adjust the radio and AC while keeping their eyes on the road. Touchscreen prevents the tactile sensation, forcing drivers to look at the screen. 

Cereal Bags

Close up of a toy soldier army man in a bowl of fruity ringed cereal.
Photo Credit: Toasted Pictures via Shutterstock.com.

Cereal bags have a fatal yet easily fixed design flaw: They’re not sealable. You can crunch the plastic bag as much as you want, but stubborn air will still find a way in, making your cereal stale and inedible. 

Why not use ziplock technology already?

Easy-On Iron

Iron resting on an ironing board with a pile of clothes.
Photo Credit: Africa Studio via Shutterstock.com.

Some irons have a unique function that has them automatically turn on when put in an upright position. If you accidentally leave it plugged in, and then it gets knocked over, it could turn on and cause a fire hazard. 

Youtube’s Algorithms

A phone with the Youtube logo on the front.
Photo Credit; Chubo – my masterpiece via Shutterstock.com.

YouTube has notoriously bad algorithms that love thrusting far-right extremist content in people’s faces. You’ll find your feed filled with horrific content if you watch one wrong video. 

Affordable Healthcare System

A seasoned male doctor in a white coat stands in front of a blurred group of younger residents.
Photo Credit: PeopleImages.com – Yuri A via Shutterstock.com.

Healthcare may not be a product, but it’s a system clearly designed by folks who will never have to use it. The affordable healthcare system is not affordable by any stretch of the imagination, and most people can’t afford to use the healthcare it promises. 

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