Uncovering the 5 Biggest Exercise Myths Preventing You from Staying Active

As a certified personal Trainer whose primary focus is special populations and senior health, I’m always sympathetic when asked to train people terrified of exercise.

Exercise Phobia

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I’m sure there is some kind of phobia name associated with the condition, but I have found that most of these people are afraid of a combination of factors and preconceived notions about the word “exercise.” 

Here are five misconceptions keeping you from an active lifestyle. 

Too Old To Work Out

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Our society glorifies youth and top-performing athletes who compete at unimaginable levels of fitness. People outside that age range think it’s too late for them to start. 

Thinking It’s Natural Talent

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Some assume these master athletes are born with innate abilities they’ll never have. The public is rarely privy to the immense training, exhaustion, and work ethic it takes to compete at professional levels.

You Must Be Healthy To Exercise 

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Society views these athletes with awe and wonder while creating a subliminal suggestion in our minds that we need to be athletes or, at minimum, in good enough shape to exercise.  

Self-Defeating Paradox

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The combination of glorifying youth and athlete worship creates a self-defeating paradox to getting healthy.

It becomes a massive hurdle when convincing people to start an exercise program, especially those with underlying health conditions.

Thinking Excersize = Pain

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Folks suffering from arthritis, chronic disease, injury, obesity, or the natural effects of aging associate exercise with pain and form a mental block that genuinely frightens them. 

It Won’t Make a Difference

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Some go in with a defeatist attitude, thinking the little they can do isn’t enough to make a difference. 

Any Exercise is Good Medicine

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The saddest part about this phobia is that exercise is the medication they need to improve their lives.  Even The American College of Sports Medicine recognizes that exercise is medicine.

Overcome the Fear

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For a healthy life, let go of these misconceptions and get moving! Even the smallest steps will help. 

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