15 Terrifyingly Delightful Horror Subscription Boxes to Enchant Fans of the Macabre All Year Long!

Are you a fan of all things macabre? Do you revel in collecting scary movie props and memorabilia and love finding goodies to add to your collection?

You’ll love the monthly surprise waiting for you with a horror subscription box!

What’s a Horror Subscription Box?

Horror subscription boxes are monthly gift boxes bursting with the latest in horror entertainment. The boxes may contain games, movies, collectibles, T-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, magnets, and a wide variety of items representing films and literature across the genre.

The fun of a subscription gift box lies in the surprise. Giddy horror fans squeal with delight upon discovering the toys present with each delivery. Purchasing a horror subscription box allows horror fans to recreate the magical anticipation of Christmas morning every month of the year.

The Best Horror Subscription Boxes

Are you ready to gift yourself (or a friend!) spine-tingling anticipation and horrific fun? Check out these top horror subscription boxes for enjoyment that lasts all year long!

Subscription Boxes With Collectibles

Many horror fans are looking for mystery boxes chock full of goodies, toys, and memorabilia from their favorite horror films. The first four horror subscription boxes on our list will please those looking for exclusive collectibles and autographs from their favorite stars!

Horror Haul

Horror haul delivers a jam-packed box of horror goodies to your door every quarter. Each package bursts with apparel, collectibles, accessories, and more, and each item is hand-selected by the Culture Fly staff.

Some things are even made explicitly for the Horror Haul box, adding the allure of exclusivity to this fantastic subscription service.

Loot Fright

Lootcrate is a leader in subscription boxes, so it’s no surprise they offer a horror subscription box. The ghoulishly delicious Loot Fright pack includes a mix of collectibles and apparel from your favorite movies in the genre.

The crate comes once every two months and often includes exclusive items you can only get with the Loot Crate mystery box.  

Creepy Crate

Do you want a guaranteed book with your creepy collectibles? Creepy Crate is the horror subscription box for you! Every box has a fresh new horror book to add to your collection, and some also include e-books.

Other items may consist of air fresheners, bookmarks, cups, stickers, notebooks, socks, and a plethora of other items made specifically for horror fans.

The Bam! Box

The Bam! Box is a subscription box service dedicated to autographs. Box curators work hard to bring fans rare and exclusive autographs from favorite celebrities across genres such as horror, geek, and even anime. Prominent name actors such as Michael J. Fox and Neve Campbell have signed for The Bam! Box!

The horror box has included actors from movies such as Halloween, Final Destination, and Friday the 13th. Autographs may be on cards, posters, or other collectibles. Packages typically include artwork and trading cards.

Boxes Bursting with Film and Literature

If you want a subscription of books or movies to satiate your appetite for horror each month, check out these three boxes dedicated to sharing the best of the genre.

Horror Pack

Are you seeking an endless stream of horror movies? You need Horror Pack. This subscription box delivers the best in new, independent, classic horror flicks directly to your door each month.

Horror Pack offers both a DVD and Blu-ray option. The films in each pack are different each month, so if you want double the horror fun, you can always get both.

My Thrill Club

Do you love reading thriller, mystery, or horror novels? My Thrill Club sends you three books in one of those genres (Your choice!) every month for your reading pleasure.

The club guarantees two hardback novels in addition to an eBook, so subscribers have various reading options plus wonderful additions to their library shelves.

Night Worms Book Club

Night Worms Book Club offers an exclusive subscription service to fans of horror literature. Each month, the two horror fanatics behind the club send members two works of horror fiction. The titles range from true crime to thriller, indie to well-known, but all revolve around the genre.

Night Worms offers exclusives, like signed copies, publisher freebies, and coupons in their package. The only downside is the club’s limited availability. With supplies limited, fans need to act fast when a new box is available to snag it!

Write Your Own Thrilling Stories!

Love horror so much that you want to write your own stories? Check out our bundle of creative writing prompts available on Etsy. The full bundle includes Thriller, Horror, and Fantasy writing prompts, but you can also purchase each individually. 

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Murder Mystery Subscription Boxes

A subset of the horror subscription box is the murder/mystery game, which adds a new spin to the subscription box model by gamifying it. The two games below send monthly parcels about a gruesome murder, offering subscribers new evidence each month to help them solve the case. If murder mystery is your jam, you’ll want to check out these two epic game subscription boxes.

This Whodunit is Killer

This Whodunit is Killer is a “to catch a killer” style game delivering monthly clues to help you solve the crime. Each game is considered a season and typically includes five separate packages.

The packages offer insight into the misdeed, allowing you to narrow your suspect list and ultimately discover the killer.

Hunt a Killer

Hunt a Killer offers their game over a six-month season.  The monthly box offers clues and evidence, but in a fun twist, Hunt a Killer also includes a digital component, allowing players to access online evidence and clues through a portal.

There’s also an active Facebook page where people can discuss the case – but please don’t spoil things for new players! If you prefer to play all at once, Hunt a Killer offers box sets of previous seasons, providing the whole experience in one go.

Unique & Eclectic Horror Subscription Boxes

Horror boxes don’t have to be dedicated to games, films, and collectibles. Those looking for unique thrills and items celebrating the macabre outside popular movies might be interested in a horror box satisfying a more niche craving.

Box of Goth

Box of Goth offers subscription and individual boxes all revolving around spooky and scary gothic themes. Some packs even come if coffins! Items may include jewelry, make-up, accessories, homewares, and other items with ghostly motifs. 

Some pieces have adult themes or may be breakable, so the box is unsuitable for children. Box of Goth is in the UK, so if you live in the US or Canada, please ensure they offer international shipping before purchasing.

Cryptid Crate

Cryptid Crate bursts with oddities, artwork, and collectibles of a paranormal nature. It’s slightly different from the other collectible boxes in that it’s not dedicated to film and literature but more focused on urban legends and mystical happenings, like Big Foots, aliens, and other supernatural creatures that might lurk among us.

Cryptid Crate also offers a junior box perfect for kids obsessed with otherworldly beings.

The Witches Box

The Witches Box isn’t a horror subscription box. It’s a monthly subscription for people who are interested in the real side of magic and witchcraft. Each new box includes spells, rituals, and ingredients to help practitioners perfect their craft and learn more about the magic surrounding us.

Subscribers also gain access to the exclusive online forum, allowing them to interact with the online coven and learn even more about the mysteries surrounding spell work.

More Subscription Boxes on Etsy

If you’re looking for a unique spin on horror subscription boxes, consider all the exciting offerings on Etsy. Independent creators make hand-crafted mystery boxes available on both a single purchase and subscription basis.

You can find packages spanning many themes, from gothic to witches, general horror to specific creatures.

Check it all out!

Halloween Subscription Box

Although horror is the name of the game, sometimes we want something a little more festive. These boxes may not contain scary surprises, but they will help you get into the Halloween spirit and help you celebrate the spooky all year long.

Halloween CraveBox

Halloween Cravebox isn’t a subscription box, but it’s so delicious it needed to be included. If you’re too old for trick-or-treating but want an epic collection of candy to snack on for the next two weeks, you need the Halloween Cravebox. Filled with snacks ranging from tootsie roll pops to fun-sized bags of cheese-its, these boxes will fill your life with joy.

Be advised that these boxes mostly have salty snacks and a few pieces of fruity candies. None of the packages include candy bars, usually fan favorites on Halloween.


Spooky Box Club

The Spooky Box Club offers fans cute Halloween crafts and collectibles all year. The best thing about this box is that many of the items are handmade by craftsmen and artisans. You will get exclusive handcrafted jewelry and original pieces in addition to a selection of teas, candies, pins, bags, and other items.

Each box revolves around a theme, which may be witches, vampires, or anything considered gothic. Spook Box Club aims to be cute, fun, and creative rather than horrific, so although the themes are spooky and Halloweeny, don’t expect objects of terror.  

All Hallows Club

Who says Halloween decorations aren’t appropriate all year? Not All Hallows Club! This quarterly subscription box offers cute décor, prints, craft items, and more delivered directly to your door every three months.

The carefully curated items help keep subscribers in the Halloween spirit!

Boo Boxes

“Boo Box” is such a great name for a Halloween subscription box that multiple companies offer their own version. Red vines offers a “Boo Box” filled with licorice, and many gift companies offer Boo Boxes filled with goodies.

Most of these boxes are only offered around Halloween and are not part of a subscription service.


Do you love cosplay and Halloween makeup? NME box is just the ticket. NME stands for “New to Make-up Effects” and sends subscribers, you guessed it, cosplay make-up boxes every month.

The box includes the sponges and brushes you need to apply make-up, all the lip glosses, eye shadows, foundations you will need, and extra accessories to help you complete the look. It also includes a story prompt to help you get started!

Discontinued Boxes

Subscription boxes come and go. These horror subscription boxes are not currently active, but who knows, they may have a spectacular resurrection at a later date!

Box of Dread

Although Dread Central is still a top online retailer of horror films and a prolific horror blog, no evidence of their subscription service “Box of Dread” exists on the website. The last Twitter update about the box is from 2018.

Bats & Bones

Bats & Bones seemed like such a cool subscription box! It was dedicated to Wicca and all things occult. Unfortunately, the “most recent” package available on the website is from May of 2022, and it doesn’t look like anything is in stock.

Fright Club

The Fright Club horror subscription box supplied by Creepies, an online retailer of stickers and collectibles, is currently inactive. However, the website states that the box will return. In the meantime, you can shop their collection of horror and film-inspired figurines, stickers, totes, and more.

Pumpkin Cult Boo Box

This subscription box offered Halloween goodies year-round but is no longer available. A pack of stickers is the only remaining offering on the “subscription” website.


Zchest was a zombie-themed subscription box offered via Cratejoy. The offering is not currently available, but Cratejoy offers loads of themed subscription boxes for you to choose from.

Shop the subscription boxes here!

Subscription Boxes Abound!

Subscription services are popular because they offer clients something they can’t get anywhere else: anticipation. Nothing beats the intrigue around unwrapping a new gift each month. Although the boxes on this list are dedicated to the horror genre, you can find subscriptions geared towards nearly any niche you can imagine.

Relive the magic of unwrapping presents on Christmas morning by giving yourself the gift of a subscription box.