No Sympathy for You! Situations We Can’t Bring Ourselves To Care About

Most people try to have empathy for their fellow man. Some, however, bring the rain upon themselves by being genuinely awful people. 

Here are self-imposed situations we struggle to sympathize with. 

Kids Don’t Want Anything To Do With You

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Older people constantly complain that their kids won’t talk to them, yet refuse even a modicum of introspection to determine why. Sometimes, they reigned so much abuse down on their kids they’re lucky they aren’t in jail, yet they can’t understand why their kids refuse to speak to them. 

Designer Dogs and High Vet Bills

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Some folks don’t do their research when selecting a dog. They’ll pay a small fortune for a puppy mill purebred dog with known genetic issues, then complain about the high vet bills resulting from that condition. 

People Held Accountable for Their Actions

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Far too many people only develop a conscience when they get caught. We will never feel bad for holding you accountable for your own actions. 

My Wife Left

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Divorce is tough. We try to lend a sympathetic ear to those amid the life-altering situation until we learn why she left. 

We lose all sympathy if you cheated, abused,  or treated her like a domestic servant. 

Can’t Afford Food but Can Afford Fun

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It’s heartbreaking when families can’t afford to put food on the table for their children. We lose all sympathy for the parents when they blow the little money they have on alcohol, smokes, lottery tickets, entertainment, and other random junk. 

We feel for the kids, though. 

Voting for Politicians that Hurt Them

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People will vote for the face-eating leopard party and then act all shocked when the leopards eat their faces. “They’re hurting the wrong people!” they scream. We have no sympathy for someone who voted for a party hoping they’d hurt people. 

Putting People in Danger

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Some folks have absolutely no regard for the people around them. Anyone who faces consequences for knowingly putting others in danger, like driving under the influence or doing a “prank” video, doesn’t deserve sympathy. 

Too Good for a Job

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Have you ever met someone who quits on a whim or refuses every job opportunity because it’s somehow beneath them? We can’t care about the financial struggles of someone who’s perfectly capable of working yet thinks they’re too good for a job. 

Terrible Parents

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If you choose to have a child, you should realize that you signed up for all the ups and downs of parenthood, including discipline. Don’t have kids, refuse to discipline your kids, then complain about how awful your kids are. 

Woman Haters Who Can’t Find a Date

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A host of men hide behind their computer screens and use every opportunity to ridicule women. These same men cry that no one wants to date them.  Your loneliness is self-imposed. Try not being awful, and maybe women will want to date you. 

People Who Won’t Help Themselves

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If you don’t want to do anything to improve your lot in life, that’s fine, but stop complaining about how everyone is out to get you when you refuse to put in effort to better yourself. 

Bad People

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Some folks are just plain evil. There’s a long list of folks we don’t feel sympathy for. They do horrific things to people and creatures who can’t fight back or even understand what’s happening. We don’t feel bad when awful people get what’s coming to them. 

Business Owners Who Can’t Find Employees

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Don’t complain that no one wants to work while offering minimum wage, no benefits, and the privilege of working for a narcissistic boss who demands perfection. 

People would line up to work for you if you treated them right. 

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