The Best Planners for 2024 – Make Your Year Great!

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It’s planning season!

Come December, all the stores stock their shelves with the latest and greatest planners for the year to come.

The options for your new planner are endless. There are monthly, weekly, and daily planners. Hardcore planners can opt for all-in-ones with space for all three. 

Some planners focus on specific goals, like self-care, while others offer inspirational tips as you travel through the years.

The Best Planners of 2024

I spent hours reviewing planners for this list of best planners and choosing my personal planner for 2024. A few companies sent me 2024 planners to review, while I looked at others in retail stores like Michaels, Staples, and Barnes & Noble. Some are niche planners only available online. 

The abundance of options makes planner shopping overwhelming, but we spent all this time reviewing planners to help. 

Here are the best planners for 2024, no matter what your planning needs are.

Inkwell Press for Blue Sky Weekly & Monthly Planning Calendar

I settled on the Inkwell Press for Blue Sky planning calendar designed by Tanya Dalton for my personal planner of 2024. As it turns out, it was the same planner I selected for 2023.

I love this planner!

The first few pages act as your yearly vision board. There is a two-page spread inviting you to record the essential dates and events of the year and another two-page spread helping you outline your significant goals, both for the year as a whole and by quarter.

The planning section is separated into monthly tabs, giving you ample space to plan each month, week, and day.

The Monthly Tabs

Blue Sky features plastic tabs separating the content by month, so you can quickly flip to the correct section.  Each month starts with a traditional calendar in a two-page spread, with space for notes in the margin. You will find your monthly vision board, plan highlights, and a habit tracker when you turn the page.

The following pages in the month include space for your daily and weekly goals. It’s separated by week, with each 2-page spread featuring room to write little notes and tasks for each day, and there’s space at the bottom of the second page to record your weekly focus and notes. The month ends with two pages of extra space for notes.

The Inkwell Press Blue Sky Planning Calendar has everything I need, starting with the big-picture year and drilling deep into the individual days.

@partnersinfireMy Favorite 2024 Planner – Inkwell Planner Weekly & Monthly Planning Calendar♬ original sound – Melanie


Pros and Cons

The Inkwell Press planner has ample space to write all your daily tasks, but its hefty size makes it less portable.

It’s also a little plain, focusing primarily on planning without any extras. You won’t find many self-care tidbits or inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout the planner – you’ll have to add them on your own. 

Fortunately, plenty of options exist for people who want more from their planner. 

Uplift Planner

The Uplift Planner is jam-packed with goodies, inspiration, gratitude, and activities designed to help you plan an epic year.

After a brief introduction by the creator, Deze, the planner opens into a two-page spread showcasing the great features you’ll find inside. It starts with a quick self-awareness exercise to get you thinking about your strengths, weaknesses, and motivations.

Next, you’ll find space for your yearly vision board, goals, and achievements, followed by space to express gratitude and reframe negative thinking.

After all those thought-provoking activities, you’ll come to the monthly sections.

@partnersinfireCheckout the Uplift 2024 Yearly Planner – Sound via Canva♬ original sound – Melanie


Uplift Planner’s Monthly Section

The start of each month is a gorgeously designed section from an adult coloring book. Use the space to meditate through coloring while getting through the difficult weeks ahead.

Next, you’ll find a two-page spread featuring a traditional monthly calendar, with space for tracking habits below and self-care tips in the margins. The following pages provide space to plan your week. Its layout is similar to the Inkwell Planner, with seven days per two-day spread and extra space to record your weekly priorities and all the good that came into your life during the week. The final page provides extra space to record your notes.

Pros and Cons

The Uplift Planner is my second favorite planner. I love the focus on self-care, the inspirational quotes for each day, the affirmations, and the coloring book page that starts each month. It’s so jammed-packed with goodies that everyone will find something to love about it.

The only reason the Uplift Planner isn’t first on my list is its size. At about 2/3 the size of a traditional notebook, it’s much more portable for those on the go but lacks room for robust daily to-do lists. I need a tiny bit more space for writing. 

Magical Planners

Magical Planners offers four options for planning your year with a magical twist, each guiding you on a mystical journey as you make your way through 2024.

Find your path with the Guided by Tarot Planner, uncover the mystical power of plants with the Herbal Magic Planner, gain energy from the Earth with the Crystal Magic Planner, or use the power of your inner mind to make 2024 your best year yet with the Manifest Your Dreams Planner.

Although each planner has an overarching theme, they all feature beautiful spreads and weekly motivations with plenty of space for you to record your essential tasks.

Magical Planners Planning Sections

Each planner features a full two-page monthly calendar spread and a weekly section (seven days laid out in two pages like the other planners) with space to record your daily to-do list. They guide you through the year with different themes, each asking questions about their unique mystical power to help you discover your own.

@partnersinfireMagical Planner Guided by Tarot 2024 – The Perfect Planner for your Spiritual Journey♬ original sound – Melanie


Pros and Cons

The biggest pro of the Magical Planners is they teach you as you work your way through the year. The Guided by Tarot Planner has a featured tarot card each month and week, helping you learn the deck as you plan your year. It also asks you to conduct a three-card spread at the beginning of each month, giving you practice in reading the cards for yourself.

The only con is the limited writing space. Neither the calendar nor the weekly spreads have enough room for me to write everything I need for the week. 

However, I love using the Guided by Tarot planner as a metaphysical planner in addition to my work/life planner. It works perfectly as a spiritual supplement rather than as my primary planner. The space is perfect for expressing gratitude, writing vital points of a tarot spread, manifesting goals, and uncovering my true desires.

Ivory Paper Co All in One

 Ivory Paper Co excels in planner options, and the best of the best is it’s All in One. The All-in-One Planner is aptly named as it features all the planning sections you need for a perfect year: monthly, weekly, and daily.

The weekly and daily are two-page spreads featuring little boxes representing each day like a typical calendar. The margins allow you to jot down critical notes, track your habits, outline your weekly goals, and set reminders for the week ahead.

 The Ivory Paper Co All in One excels in the daily planning section, with an entire page dedicated to each day. It has a section for your schedule and to-do list, a box for gratitude, and space to keep a food journal.

Pros and Cons 

I love the password keeper, reading list, and address book on the front pages of the planner. The daily section also has ample room to record even the most minor tasks on your to-do list. 

This planner is perfect for someone who needs a detailed daily planner with at-a-glance weekly and monthly sections.

The daily section is a bit too detailed for my tastes. While many people love the room to write everything down, I only use my planner for the essential tasks, so I don’t need a separate page for each day. The week on a two-page spread is usually enough for me.

A Different Kind of Planner – Journey 180

 Journey 180 is different from your typical planner. First, it only covers 180 days, not 365. Second, it doesn’t have the dates preprinted, so you can start your journey anytime you want.

Journey 180 focuses on self-care and goal achievement, though it also has space for your daily priorities, schedule, and to-do list.   As a daily planner, it doesn’t have the monthly calendar section you’re used to in the other 2024 planners explored, but it does have space to fill it in yourself.

@partnersinfireThe Journey 180 Wellness Planner – Your Journey Starts Today!♬ original sound – Melanie


Pros and Cons

I love that you don’t have to buy the Journey 180 Planner in January. It works just as well if you forget you need a planner until March or don’t think about starting a planning journey until October. It provides the same 180 days to everyone, no matter when they start.

The only thing I don’t like about the Journey 180 planner is that it doesn’t leave room for your own additions. The pages are filled with a template, leaving little space for your own ideas or flair. 

Some folks want a planner with everything laid out for them, so if this is you, the Journey 180 will work great! I prefer a little space for my notes and random thoughts.

At-A-Glance My Week 2024 

The At-A-Glance My Week 2024 Planner offers everything you need in a planner, from your two-page monthly spread to your entire week at a glance. It’s a traditional style of planner, perfect for those who have lots of appointments and need to keep track of them. 

The planner also features some cool pages you won’t find elsewhere, like an expense tracker, a page to record your pursuits and passions, and a three-year calendar. 

While the At-A-Glance My Week Planner is perfect for those who simply want to record their appointments, I need a planner with more space to write. The list format for each weekly spread is excellent for those with set schedules and important deadlines, but it doesn’t work for my specific needs.

At-A-Glance Simplified Planner

The Simplified Planner from At-A-Glance is more my style. It’s colorful and has room to write for each day, along with a premade list with little circles you can check off. The colorful tabs make it easy to find the month you need, while the two-page calendar spread offers ample space to write the most essential things of the month.

As someone who runs their own business, I don’t get weekends off, and my biggest complaint about the Simplified Planner is the smaller space for Saturdays and Sundays. 

While the checklist feature for the weekdays is fantastic, I prefer space to write what I need without a plan. I need a checklist on some Mondays, but I may just want to jot down quick reminders on others.

Day Designer

Day Designer offers two different-sized planners to meet your needs: the traditional sized and the mini. Though the mini is too small for me, it’s perfect for those who need to keep their lives on track on the go.

Day Designer, as its name implies, is primarily a daily planner. Each page features a spread layout of everything you need for the day ahead, from your schedule and to-do list to the day’s top priorities. There’s also room to express gratitude and jot down important notes.

I prefer weekly planners, so the entire day’s details were a bit too much for me, but it’s perfect for those needing more room each day.

The Happy Planner

The Happy Planner is a planner/bullet journal all in one. It’s perfect for people who need a planner but also want to express their creativity. 

The company offers many options for all your planning needs, from simple monthly layouts to dashboard layouts with weekly planning sections. They provide both dated and undated options so that you can start your plan any time of the year.

The dashboard planner is the most similar to the other 2024 yearly planners reviewed. It has monthly spreads with a full calendar and weekly spread pages with seven days on one page with space to record essential tasks and events of the week.

My only concern with the Happy Planner is it offers too much freedom. Some planners offer a lot of freedom of expression, while others give absolutely no space to express your creativity. Happy Planner leans to the freedom side, while I need a more balanced planner. People who need ample room for self-expression will love Happy Planner. 

Russell & Hazel

Russell & Hazel offers a sleek planner for those who strive for professionalism in all they do. The 2024 weekly planner provides monthly spreads, including a full calendar, room to record notes and goals, and a weekly layout perfect for schedules and appointments.

The weekly spread has seven days in a list from left to right. Each day has space for your top priorities, schedule, and small notes. It also has a wellness tracker, letting you track your sleep, water intake, and daily steps.

Russell & Hazel is the perfect planner for a busy professional who needs to keep track of their schedule and top priorities. It’s a little too well-planned for me, as I prefer a little less structure in my daily planner.

Planner Accessories

When choosing your daily planner, don’t forget your accessories! You can use all the same supplies you use in your bullet journal for planning, but you can’t forget the top planner accessory: Happy Planner stickers.

Happy Planner offers a wide range of stickers for all your planning needs. Grab the budget pack for hundreds of stickers related to personal finance or the self-care pack to embrace wellness throughout the year. The 1000+ sticker packs cover a variety of themes and embrace a plethora of designs, from a “retro” look to classic elegance.

 Explore the wide range of sticker packs available to help you plan your perfect year.

Have a Blast Planning Your Year

Planners aren’t a chore anymore when you have a fun planner helping you along the way. The right planners and accessories make it fun!

Grab your 2024 planner and embrace your journey into the new year.

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